Blockpit: Tax Reporting



Blockpit is a seamless cryptocurrency tax reporting and portfolio monitoring platform. Users can combine all forms of cryptocurrency income for real-time tax calculation and generate legally approved tax reports. After a one-time setup, all trades, wallets, mining rewards, airdrops and other incomes are automatically combined into one dashboard.

The dashboard provides a clear overview on what was realized in gains to report to tax authorities. Blockpit uses APIs of exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, Poloniex, Kraken and many more to link them up with its services.

I signed up, that’s all… haven’t tried it beyond that.


Admittedly when I first read this my heart sank as I have recently started working on a similar product. However this isn’t the first of this genre of product. Very curious what they will charge after go live and wonder if they will accept payments other than their own token. Read through some of their docs and the only payment channel lost was their own token.

So, has anyone else ever started a project just to find out someone else is working on something similar to what you are doing and they are further ahead?


all the fucking time. just continue to build because most people will quit. the market is huge… and it’s just getting started. build and you’ll find customers… hell, the pub community will be a big source if you do it right.