BlueBerry Explosion in the Pants!




Do you have a variety box I could order? let me know what you want for it!





Not exactly a variety box. But this is what I have available. $8 pint. @Bitnative



Let’s try an 8 pack @ $8 each? Total $64 plus whatever you calculate for shipping fees. PM me for shipping and payment arrangments. I can’t wait to try the Bam Sauce.


It’s worth every LTC or whatever you’ll pay. So yummy in my pants!


:explopants6: jhbu uhgghh


Hey do you want regular or spicy barn sauce? @Bitnative


Is it too much to ask for one of each? @CryptoMom


Not a problem at all! @Bitnative


Going to move this thread to BAZAAR so we can always know where it’s at!


Have you thought of adding CBD to your jams?
Aside from that they sound delish and will have to order some soon…I get paid on Friday!


I haven’t thought of that. And I’m not sure if it’s even legal here :joy:


Let me know if your interested in CBD oils.
Il contact you hopefully on Friday for some Jam!!


Buy your blueberry goods right here!

Thank you Kayla!


bitnative my man, you sir are a internet sensation for unboxing lol.


It’s worth every LTC or whatever you’ll pay. So yummy in my pants!




WOW! Delicious squared!


Have any jelly and syrup ready to ship out? I love me some blueberries!!!


I can hook you up!!! :joy::joy:


Best news I’ve gotten all day! Please send me all the info I need in a message please and thank you.