Bluewhale ICO Thread


I wanted to create this thread for all people who are interested in the blue whale ICO on icon. How many of you are interested? I’m on the Telegram and it looks like they are just about to start accepting investors.

Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange
ICON [ICX] | Discuss Upcoming ICOs, Wallets, dApps, and More

I’m on the mailing list, and I just got an email from them today.
I’m interested in how things will turn out because I’m heavily invested in ICX, but I don’t really understand what Bluewhale does. Is there a TLDR out there somewhere?


WHats the Telegram ID guys?

#4 here you go. Thats the tg group .

Anybody doing a pool on this one to get in early?


Not sure, has anyone already dealt with an ICO?
Is there usually a minimum for them


Well, I’m in on the ICO.
Confirmation email just now.
Anyone else?


When you say in, you mean as in you’ve participated in their ICO? Or your in their telegram, and media channels? As Im sure I read the public sale was not until June 1st?


I got an email saying I can partake in the presale. Need to give it some thought. Teased to do it just because it’s the first icx dapp. Probably should base it on more than that!

@peter they have said that the founder likes doing interviews/q&as sessions in there telegram group should you have a tingle in your podies about them :D:

Hello Blue Whale Fans!

Check out our CEO Will Lee’s inaugural interview with @realcoincrunch where he shared about the motivation behind the creation of Blue Whale, and how Blue Whale fits into the grand scheme of blockchain innovation.

If anyone of you have a subscriber base that you would like to introduce the Blue Whale Project to, please feel free to reach out to

We love to do interviews or Ask Me Anything sessions so that we can clarify any misconceptions as well as promote our cause!


I just can’t tell, do we have to do 1,500 ICX or none?
The email doesn’t clearly state it.

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bump thread
Anyone know?

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As far as I know it’s the amount allocated to you. You can probably go lower.


According to their Telegram there is a fixed allocation of 5ETH or 1500ICX for the pre-sale. That’s the minimum and maximum.


Kind of sucks that’s the case

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if you are in the discord,we are doing a pool to participate together,tell me if you are interested to join.


I’m interested :slight_smile: I’m not in the discord though. Will fix that


Didn’t realized I have to be a Patreon to be in the discord :sweat_smile:


you can message me Cool_Username#1479 on discord and you could eventually join us.

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Thanks! I send a request

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Guys from the patreon and from the pub, myself and other patreons and pub members want to participate to BlueWhale pre-sale. If you are interested in joining our pool write in “general” if you are a patreon or DM me here.

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Blue Whale will be exchanges at October. It means 7 months. Is it a good investment?

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