Books That You Should Read/Listen To


I just wanted to give some quick suggestions for two books written by the Author Harry S. Dent. He is a very interesting economist, because he goes against the normal economist and has gotten a lot of crap from his other people in his field. His main focus in his books are bubbles and financial cycles.

First book: The Sale of a Lifetime

This book is a bit scary not because of what he his talking about more because his predictions hasn’t come true yet. He says that we should have a huge recession in 2017. Because the stock, debt, gold, oil, housing markets are in extreme bubbles. He says that we will have a greater deflation the we had in The Great Depression. He then goes into how we should go about protecting our wealth and build the same amount of wealth that Rockefeller etc sits on! Great read/Listen.

Second Book: Zero Hour

This book I haven’t finished but it’s kind of the same subjects as the last one. But in this one he goes way more into the political issues right now and how we are gonna have a huge change in the environment we live n cause people are starting to want more control over their own life. The most interesting thing in this book so far is how he goes into the fact that Gold is obsolete at this point but that we still need a “metal” to show us real value in the world, he then says that he thinks that Bitcoin or/and other cryptocurrencies are what he believes will take the throne from Gold. As I said I haven’t listened to the whole book but very interesting.

This author has a lot of older book where he for example predicted the housing crash in 2007-2008. I haven’t listened to these but I would believe that all of his books are super interesting and a good source to learn about the history of economical cycles and probably the future we are heading for!

As a suggestion you ca join Audible if you are like me and can’t sit and read through a whole book. I think they also still are doing 2 free books for new members, and if you don’t wanna pay the monthly fee after the first month then you can cancel the membership and still keep the books. Audible also have a lot of books on Blockchain and Bitcoin!

Disclamer: I am a audiobook editor, but do not work for audible directly and I haven’t worked on any of these books!

This is my first topic so please give me pointers if there is something I could do better!

Please also give more suggestions of book if you have them!


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