Boss sun inflated, and predicted that TRX would be the fourth largest in market value this year!

This blockchain boom is of great significance to China’s capital market. In terms of level, the policy strength must be greater than that of “mass entrepreneurship, mass innovation” in previous years.

It has been reported that ZhongGuanCun Management Committee subsidizes blockchain start-up companies, and it is estimated that subsequent regions will have relevant policy support for blockchain industry companies.

The most obvious reaction of the capital market is the stock market!

The concept of A-share blockchain had more than 100 trading limits yesterday, far surpassing the first day performance of xiong’an, venture capital and Shenzhen.

After a weekend of excavation, the concept stocks of blockchain have been expanded from 50 to more than 1000.

Blockchain has become the golden oil of listed companies, which can not be overemphasized. Blockchain industry is more chaotic than P2P. With the promotion of the government, all walks of life now have the potential to rely on blockchain, which is even more popular than the previous years when everyone rushed into the Internet finance industry.

It seems that the talent competition of blockchain will start soon.

But according to the Chinese stock market urine, fry the concept finally after crazy must be a chicken feather!

Compared with the craze in the stock market, the popularity of the currency market began to fall yesterday. Some bad news about bitcoin and virtual currency came out on the news!

Commentators of people’s daily pointed out that:

Blockchain has come in the future, but it should also be rational. Block chain technology is associated with encrypted currency, but block chain technology innovation is not equivalent to speculation of virtual currency. It should prevent the use of block chain to issue virtual currency and speculation air coins.

After all, the official 94 policy is still in place. There is no regulation of the currency circle in China, and speculation is still unprotected in China. The commentator’s speech of the people’s daily is intended to prevent the rise of ICO and uncontrolled air currency.

From the perspective of funds:

At present, judging from the premium of usdt 7.09, there is no trend of large-scale mobilization of off-site funds, and sentiment is brewing. Now outsiders are still in the stage of popularizing and learning blockchain, which is still early for running to enter the arena.

The search volume of the word blockchain has increased dozens of times in Baidu and wechat. In today’s article of Weibo blockchain big V William, he said that the reading volume of his article has soared four times in recent days, reaching 1.6 million, and nearly 1000 new leeks are concerned about every day, but these new leeks are only concerned, and there is still a lack of catalyst for recharging and buying coins!

What’s missing is the effect of getting rich. It’s inevitable that the new leeks will come into the market after seeing the story of a hundred times coin loser’s counter attack.

It is obvious that the speculation method of domestic public chain is that the stock funds of the currency circle are in operation. To keep the market hot, it needs to have new hot plates as soon as possible to relay the speculation.

So who’s going to spend the next hype hot spot?

There is news that app and mytoken are acquired by Hong Kong blockchain fund at the level of billion yuan.

It is estimated that the next period will be a time when news will be flying. All currencies that spread the news of acquisition, share purchase and cooperation with state-owned enterprises of central enterprises will rise first. When the market comes, the short-term speculation is to compete with the hot spot.

Hot spot

Boss sun’s small goal of Huawei seems to be coming true!

In the latest issue of the Ministry of industry and information technology and the global blockchain ranking of CCID Research Institute, Tron ranks first in China. Second in the world!

Yesterday afternoon, boss sun’s live broadcast theme was “Sun Yuchen, teach you blockchain from scratch”. The number of viewers reached 10 million.

It seems that boss sun has become a leader this time, and has changed to the role of blockchain preacher. The advantage is that the new leeks will naturally pay attention to the wave field when they enter the arena. In addition, the post-90s self-made billionaire’s coin ring counter attack story will also add a lot of points.

With the spring breeze of the policy, sun Yuchen positioned himself as a person set up to “make a chain for the country” and devoted himself to white washing and gilding.

The netizen’s message hit the nail on the head:

“If you come back first, I will admit that you are a domestic chain.”

Boss sun also tweeted frequently recently:

Sun Yuchen: the market value of TRX is predicted to be the fourth this year!

Zhao Changpeng: don’t make price forecasts. Old fellow iron

(Chang Peng’s inner play: I’m sorry, isn’t it beyond BNB)

Follow up story, Yuchen has deleted the post!

Netizens commented:

If you look at other people’s comparison, you will laugh at your money circle when you talk about this increase. Brother sun, you have declined. Are you satisfied with this increase?

It’s useless for Huawei to call a slogan in the currency circle. It’s necessary to be at the forefront of the world in blockchain technology innovation. It’s not to look down on boss sun. It’s necessary to convince him if he wants to be a hot spot, but the technical ability has always been a short term of the wave field. If you want to be Ren Zhengfei in the currency circle, you can just call a slogan!

At the end of the paper, it is suggested that:

More and more people are paying attention to blockchain. Half of the bull market has just started!

At this stage, the core is Tun coin. When Daniel comes, you lose without chips.

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