Bounty 1LTC Help w/Bios settings after flash

Hi everyone :grin:. I ALWAYS spend couple days trying to figure it out myself before reaching out (guess I’m just OCD that way :wink:. I think most of us “old guys” are lol. Ok, now to my point…
Been mining on a GA-Z270XP-SLI mobo (smOS bootable USB) and could only ever get 4 gpus to work. 5th one would spin fan crazy and reboot the rig. So I finally found the latest “mining bios” (F9a) and flashed it, successfully. Now rig will only boot into bios OR I get stuck on black screen w/flashing cursor. I’ve re-downloaded smOS on to a new USB drive, I’ve even taken the 5th GPU back out. But still I get nada but black screen w/flashing cursor. Sooo aggravated after 2 days solid and no luck. Gladly pay for some help. Thanks patrons of the pub, let me know if any of ya have a clue…

UPDATE: FIXED IT! Quite literally w/in 30 min of posting this, turned out to be an issue w/smOS! Thanks anyways people…was probably the “luck of the pub” that got my mind right lol :grin::grin::grin:
Have a great one people, see you in 2020 when were all driving lambos like Peter! :rofl:


Had a similar issue, fixed by adding “acpi=off” to the kernel boot parameters in Grub.

Stay Fishy

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