Brave expands Basic Attention Token platform to YouTube

YouTube creators can now earn BAT for their content

“With today’s release of Brave browser 0.19.95 for the desktop, audiences can use the Brave Payments system to reward their favorite YouTube creators with Basic Attention Tokens (BAT). YouTube viewers can either distribute contributions based on the time they spend viewing material or by “pinning” a set amount for a particular channel. Previously, the BAT could only be distributed on a domain-by-domain basis.”

“The Brave browser provides an ad-free YouTube video experience. It also enables a direct monetary relationship between the content creator and their audience. Compensation for YouTube creators no longer needs to be based on vague rules or mercurial algorithms, as users can decide who to compensate. This new ability will especially benefit YouTube creators who have under 10,000 lifetime views, as they do not receive ad revenue from YouTube.”

"Previously, YouTube creators could not be listed as individual publishers in Brave Payments. This change allows BAT contributions to flow directly into their wallets. The Brave browser determines the YouTube creator name from a YouTube video, no matter what site embeds it. It then displays it in the Brave Payments list, enabling the user to donate back on a monthly basis. Once a user enables Brave Payments, donations are done automatically and anonymously.

“In order to verify YouTube creators with our Brave Payments system, we use the OAuth standard. Once the creator’s email is confirmed by our system, they are asked to verify their YouTube channel by connecting via Google; in turn, Google confirms with our publisher site that the creator has authenticated as an authorized owner of that channel, without revealing their credentials.”

“After the YouTube creator completes this verification process and opens an account with Uphold, they are eligible to start collecting monthly BAT contributions from their audience. BAT contributions are automatically converted to fiat and may then be transferred to the creator’s bank account.
We look forward to seeing a new category of content creators on YouTube get rewarded via BAT. We plan on extending BAT to additional user-generated content platforms so that more creators can benefit from audience support, and anticipate seeing BAT’s utility grow as it supports more creators and publishers in our digital advertising and services platform.”

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My thoughts: This is amazing news. They’re laying out the groundwork for when the unidirectional payments phase is over. In other words, both Youtube viewers and Youtube creators both get paid. That’s some good news, and using blockchain in order to do that is even better. Can’t wait to see where BAT is a year from now.


I love IT! Go big BAT :slight_smile:


Here’s one of many killer apps for cryptocurrency. Will this be the end-all-be-all? Maybe. Maybe not. Someone else might implement a better system, or this system will have enough time and make the right choices in innovation.

Exciting, nonetheless. Now we have more evidence towards practical uses for crypto. Nano-transactions have been necessary for a long time coming.


Have you used Brave browser?
I have tested it yesterday and it’s really well crafted application, about to start using it daily.


I’ve been using Brave browser for a couple months now.
It’s ok.
I’ve found it freezes up on occasions on both iphone7 and Mac Pro.


I mainly use it on my phone, but it doesn’t have the extensions I need so I don’t use it on my PC often. I do have contributions set though.

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Have it, dont use it much because of my IceDragon, Chrome, Firefox addition but i have been trying to make an effort to use it. Cool home screen tho!


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