Brazilian Fintech Association Voting System on OriginalMy and Ethereum Classic

Brazilian Fintech Association successfully tests voting system on OriginalMy and Ethereum Classic

The proto pilot became the first Brazilian blockchain voting

Blockchain-based authenticity platform OriginalMy, has recently announced that the Brazilian Fintech Association (BFA) has successfully run a pilot for their first shareholder voting powered by the OriginalMy infrastructure on Ethereum Classic protocol.

“Brazilian Fintech Association ran a pilot for their 1st board election powered by OriginalMy’s Blockchain ID and Signing platform. 100% success achieved! Next steps: improve all the process. Stay tunned, more news soon!” the company posted.

BFA and Blockchain

As TokenTops reported last month, CEO and Founder of the Brazil-based blockchain company Edilson Osorio revealed at the Ethereum Classic Summit 2018 in Seoul that the BFA would be running their next board election on blockchain technology, and OriginalMy would be helping them providing the necessary infrastructure to carry out the shareholder voting on the Ethereum Classic network.

“Next month, the Brazilian Fintechs Association will vote, for the first time for the board election, using our platform, for signing the votes. It’s a huge step for us,” Osorio said, adding that the conglomerate consist of over 400 companies.

Ingrid Barth – Head of Business Development at Brazilian crypto exchange Foxbit and leader of crypto-economics and blockchain at the BFA, was the mastermind behind the proposal of carrying out next voting on the distributed ledger technology.

“Our companies work with disruptive technologies, so it makes sense for us to a pioneer in implementing the first Brazilian election on the Blockchain which is low cost, transparent and secure and can become a benchmark for other electoral processes too,” she said, adding that this precedent will prove to be important to pave the way for a future where public representatives can be elected by using blockchain platforms.

With the pilot successfully ran through OriginalMy, the next step is to improve the whole process for the real voting, which should take place anytime soon. Should the suffrage has the same positive result, this could expand not only to Brazilian public sector, but to any type of election worldwide.


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