Bringing the Pub to the Camden's Head in the United Kingdom. Meeting at the YouTube Space First!



So after much deliberation, we have decided upon our venue, month, time and meeting spot!!

We will be meeting at the YouTube Space in London @ 19:00, all address and route details are within the thread

This is a great location to initially meet at due to its ease of accessibility, on main transport roues, and, AND, it is a fricking YouTube Space where we can kick start our event by doing a live stream to the Pub, taking pictures, spreading the word, just about anything.

Maybe we could get @peter to allow a 15 minute slot on his channel to stream it live! How many viewers do you get peter? How many may be in the UK but do not know about the HQ we are establishing.

Guys this links below takes you to the main page, where you can click directions and it will bring up google map, and all you need to do, is enter your location. Look at the screenshot below to see what i am saying


Moving on to our venue. You selected the Camden’s Head , good choice indeed!

Check out the interior of the Camden Head

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@CryptoS17 @Reaper @Tas @skycoin76 @mr.dav @darkykun @WinkWink99
@one3rdnerd @sukaytrader @Jsun090 @Carlton @Luca_B @stevenharbour @NEVERGIVEUP

@BitTrip @Grow2Love @jrbarrow @GarethDavies @l0ts0fl00t @Zedd1 @Piranhi @yappattack @Vibulan1991 @MagicalMoonFairy @birosts @Duttydirtz @DrewBoid @Gabypon @jamieooo

Bringing the Pub to the United Kingdom 24/02/2018 - London Meet Up

Here is the updated interactive map with all users inputted. Any errors please let me know


Totally agree mate. So a convention/event will be the primary hosting venue, and from thereon, we can make plans and go for food/drinks or look for the nearest BTC ATM just for jokes!

But no, all ideas are welcomed, and I think there is a general consensus that a convention/event is more ideal for us all, so the people will get, what the people request.

Give me a few more days to allow other users to express their interest, and we can go from there.


If it is London, I just hope Uber won’t be banned…


I like the idea of having a MAP to try and centralise it as much as possible.
We shouldn’t rush for a meet up, we can wait until we have a few more UK Cryptonaughts on board before we arrange something.
Lets keep this thread alive and keep on updating the MAP.


To my knowledge, their license isn’t to be renewed from the 30th September, but they will still operate.

Either way, it shouldn’t impact upon what we plan too much.


Totally on point with not rushing things. We can hold off until early next year, this is just the early stage of ascertaining interest and demographics so as to give everybody a fair chance of attending.

Loving the contribution guys!


This is why I wanted everyone to have an input because xmas period is expensive, and leaves us with a few months needed to stabilise finances.

I think march-may would be a good point, but again, the consensus will decide :slight_smile:


Probably a Mr Obvious statement, but if you want to make somewhat of an announcement later nearer the notional date, do use the @GarethDavies etc. for everyone. Things get buried here pretty swiftly.


True my good friend, or, do this…

So any new updates, comments, etc will automatically push a notification to you.


Good point. I have to admit that the notifications started to annoy me on the ICON thread that I did this for but I assume there’ll be less for this and I’m a little more invested in the potential subject matter here.


The volume of notifications in relation to this thread = progression.

I am more than happy to @user , but if the list grows bigger, this would take me time. Plus, there is a vested interest to subscribe to this thread if the user genuinely wants to be informed. I don’t want to spam all uk users, if they don’t wish to be notified hence the option within the functions :slight_smile:


Yes, hadn’t considered the time intensivity of laboriously writing out the names. From someone that always bangs on about how other people don’t consider consequences and behavioural economics in general…that was some shameful shit from myself.


Don’t be silly my Brother!

It wasn’t shameful at all, it was just suggesting an idea as to how we make this work, which I am grateful for :slight_smile:

As I keep saying, this will only happen upon what we all agree upon, with all of us suggesting how we iron this out with the end goal of sitting at that mahogany table, with each other, sipping on some good juice and interacting as we do on here.

But don’t be harsh on yourself you doughnut :stuck_out_tongue:




Love it


I did some science

Problem solved.


LMFAO!!! You sir, have made my day!!!

Nice visual representation of centralising all users, but even better, that lost photo with the lambo Photoshop has earned you a place in crypto-heaven!!


Im not even in England but this is epic!


Great initiative, and thanks for putting in so much effort, @unitedwestand17. I’m studying in London and would love to meet up!