Bringing the Pub to the Camden's Head in the United Kingdom. Meeting at the YouTube Space First!



Depending on location, someone (me, you, gabriel, whoever) might be able to bring those costs down - so it’s more a question of, are we basing it on cost or location, and then work the one out from the other…

Tell me to shut up if I’m just blabbering :smiley:


But we also have a member in Scotland and Cornwall. Deciding on a venue, without location preference won’t allow us to really dig into good venues and capitalise on those who have good connections.

We need to identify a location based on what the users want, and not necessarily a location because we can secure a good deal.

If pricing is really an issue I will pay for everyone, but we do need a poll, and the list of cities i mentioned was a rough list, so I will add Cardiff to it as well.

But at present, the aim is to centralise a location, then we can do a venue.

So, either I can do a poll, or you can mate.

I think cost will be a deciding factor for most, but if we specifically pick a location to bring cost down, we will be neglecting others who can not attend due to travelling.

So a poll on location.



If i pay for everyone, you will be on a budget of £3.50 each lmfao!!

I will do the poll.


Bit stuck on how to do the poll, it doesn’t provide me with the option to title the poll, then inset the options?

LMAO, so much thickness


To reiterate, ‘It should absolutely be an option, yeah. Multiple options. I’m just thinking out loud and reasoning as to why having a satellite town option is of little value next to London v any other major city.’

Democracy always.

I don’t know who Gareth Gates is. I lived abroad for a decade. It rings a bell he’s a singer.


Hello everyone!

The poll for location has been added, I have tried to do a comprehensive and fair list, let me know if you feel the options are unfair.

I will leave the poll in this thread for today, and then move it to its own dedicated topic so as to keep things nice and tidy.


Lmao, how does it sound posh you sausage! I am next to Royal Leamington SPA, and I assure you, it ain’t posh.

Oxford (/ˈɒksfərd/)[3][4] is a city in the South East region of England and the county town of Oxfordshire. With an estimated 2015 population of 168,270, it is the 52nd largest city in the United Kingdom,[5][6] and one of the fastest growing and most ethnically diverse.[7][8] The city is situated 57 miles (92 km) from London, 69 miles (111 km) from Bristol, 65 miles (105 km) from both Southampton and Birmingham and 25 miles (40 km) from Reading.


I was already thinking - didn’t quite know if I should put it out there - but since it kind of is now :smiley:
Why not set up a donation pool, for people who need a little backing, and would add value to the event?

Just throwing in whatever BTC we feel we want / can afford, to help pubbers with expense issues out with travel and accomodation perhaps?

Should probably be alllocated specifically for travel and accomodations only, and then maybe put one key person to contact about that, in place, so you don’t have to throw your financial situation up on a msg board.

We’d obviously just have to trust, that people who don’t need it won’t apply, and the ones that will need it, only ask for the minimal amount they’ll need - but I’d “risk” that, in this community. I’ll throw in the first small, symbolic donation into it, if someone sets it up, and we’ll see if it gains a little traction…?

Whatever isn’t allocated, we could use to pay some expenses, throw in a bar-pool, or even roll over to a similar setup for next meet-up?


So I had a lot of thought over this, and I like the idea, but it does come with many many complexities.

I think starting a wallet for bitcoin donations, to help and assist others in attending the event, could be subject to inappropriate use.

As much as charity is a beautiful thing, in this context, so much could go wrong. THAT is why we have many polls, and discussion, and, also, a lot of planning time!

I PURPOSELY SET THIS FOR NEXT YEAR, so it gives everyone time to save up. We will have a breakdown of costing once the polls are done, and it looks like that are at least half way if not more.

The alternative would to have a kitty, and those who want to, put in an amount they want to. But again, it will come down to the trust element, and how we would go about managing access, and who would have access.


LMFAO. Can’t wait to meet you. Anyway, we are beyond posh lad!!


Lmao that is why it is Royal. She visited the spring baths here, and gave it Royal status. Oh how wrong she was


The only other option would to see if @peter has a section in his donation software, and maybe create a new wallet, if people really wanted to do this.

Either way, it makes me uncomfortable


Hahahaha - we went there for the comedy festival two weeks ago - NOTHING royal about that place, but lots that wish and think they are ;D


Then I say we don’t do it - easy ;D

If anyone is uncomfortable with the idea, it’s already causing more concern than good - so efficiency kind of dictates we shelf the idea, for now at least :slight_smile:


A good idea nonetheless, I mean, I could create an electrum wallet, and myself @PaulAnthony and @peter have private keys and access so as to prevent one single person controlling it.

The fund/wallet could be a mere donation to go towards drinks, food, etc.


It could be simpler than that.

You throw down the $.

Hand out small cards to everyone with a donation qrCode.

If they want to donate. They donate to the address.

The address can be yours. Or mine. Or whatever. Don’t matter. We can run an experiment. If people’s donations cover more than the cost. We give it back to the Pub in some sort of giveaway.

If not. I’ll cover the difference. I do not want cost to be a constraint.


Ah you sir, are a good man indeed. We are doing the polls to narrow down where the venue will be, and from there identify some venues, vote on them, then once we have a venue decided, make inquiries for costing of a private function.

I am more than prepared to also pay and make up the difference.

But I like the sound of your plan


Yes. Volunteerism is my play. Let people give what they feel they should give.

That’s us. We give. We have a patreon. But if people love what we are doing together. Then they give.

I beleive that when you do things from the heart it always turns out better. I know you @unitedwestand17 understand that deeply.


Absolutely Brother!

Sounds like we will go forward with the idea :slight_smile:

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