Bringing the Pub to the Camden's Head in the United Kingdom. Meeting at the YouTube Space First!



Please vote in the Poll brothers and sisters


Yea, that was exactly my thought - sry, thought that was unspoken…

I was just thinking making a centralized address, and then just see if it was even a necessary initiative - the cost will have to be covered upfront anyway in my mind, so I was already thinking that would be on one of us - or all of us, whatever model we came up with. But a venue cost is really not something worth thinking about as an issue, unless we’re talking an actual conference room. (IMO)

But I won’t say no to @peter help covering any potential losses. But I used to throw together underground Hip Hop jams in my younger days, so I’m more than used to taking a little hit on a venue for a good cause :slight_smile:

And I don’t know we’re quite there yet - a Pub with a function room will do just fine. And in most cases you’d be able to get that on a guaranteed intake from the bar, and then just be left with the difference as a potential loss - it’s a pretty standard setup for smaller venues.



The most important parts at the moment are, identifying location - which we are doing
Identifying if we attend an event or rent somewhere - We decided to rent a venue/hotel
Identify a venue/hotel once we know the location
Identify a month for next year



I’m in a village called Roade between Milton keynes & Northampton.
I’m happy to go to the Pub meet-up anywhere 100 Miles from London as long as I can take the time off & it doesn’t clash with any pre-booked skiing holidays etc.

Great work, keep it up!!!


Check the poll out mate, and go vote :slight_smile:


Mate, upstairs room in a pub. Shitloads of these venues and cheap enough for people to set up board-gaming evenings in them. Less formal, conservative and often easy to get to. A similar thing in a hotel with good transport links that’s not out in an industrial district will be well expensive and would sterile and boring and offer few choices of drinks, beers, food which would also be pricey. Whatever the city is, I am sure that plenty of people would be able to put some feelers out to these gaffs. And there’re cheap AirBnB options all over the place so accommodation wouldn’t be an issue.


Exactly my thoughts - there’s loads of little pubs with a function room we could get for basically guaranteeing a certain bar-purchase or make up the difference between intake and guarantee


Exactly, mate. Gives a lot more options of venue and location too.


Swanky digs are nice too though :stuck_out_tongue:

So if location opens up opportunity to leverage existing relationships, to bring stuff down to a reasonable cost - I wouldn’t be that against it…

But being this is a “Pub” meetup - wouldn’t it just be stupid NOT to do it at a real pub, from a gimmick standpoint? ;D


Right guys, I really do appreciate your support and help however; the only fair process to follow is the one we are doing now. And that is to vote.

I am sure we all have preference on what we would consider a good venue, whether it is a local pub or a venue, hotel, etc.

But the point is, there is NO, negotiation once a poll has decided upon where we meet.

This is because the majority are deciding, and not what is best for a few people.

But I am so hoping we get this poll done by today, then we can really get down to specifics.

@GarethDavies, you seem to be vocal, which I like to a certain extent, Gabrielle was going to assist Crypto but I haven’t heard form him.

If you are confident enough, when we identify the location, team up with @CryptoS17 if you want, and begin to have an input, as it seems you are eager and willing and I love that


What City should be the host for the Big Pub Event?

  • London
  • Birmingham
  • Sheffield
  • Leicester
  • Nottingham
  • Oxford
  • Cardiff
  • Manchester
  • Newcastle
  • Bristol

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Everyone. ONly 14 votes so far, but we have 29 people:

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Lets vote guys, and get this going


London would be my vote.



Did you put it on the poll mate?


Lets get this poll out the way guys; and especially my ugly face!


Absolutely I’d help with a location. And again believe me, I’m absolutely onboard with voting for everything but when one person is saying an option is expensive, as part of the discussion you’re going to offer recommendations that might move the conversation forward and open potential outlets of possibility for the polls. On the same page. No unilateral decisions, but we can still discuss the concepts at hand…these discussions will possibly inform the votes but who doesn’t want to be informed?


We have I think, 24 users on the map, and so far, only 14 are engaging daily.

This is a nice figure. Everyone will have an opinion and ideas, which we will always discuss. But, the polls which decide some important details will be absolutely key, and reflect a group decision.

I always said form my first post, we all decide together


Yes. Yes. And thrice yes.


Three YES’, i am through to the next round of bit-factor! whoop


Hello everyone, hope we are well!

So pretty much all of you voted, so we got some serious interest going on, love it!

The majority have spoken.

Our hosting venue will be: London.

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