Bringing the Pub to the Camden's Head in the United Kingdom. Meeting at the YouTube Space First!



We could rent a room/venue, and interact for a few hours then move on to food and drink


Who actually is our bartender? @unitedwestand17 or @PaulAnthony We need simple leadership? Man who will be responsible for bringing everything together and 2 others who will be his waiters.
We can create list of subjects with we want talk and then we all as team pick which is best for us to share with others. Based on knowledge, experience and passion. I can’t wait guys


I lead, @PaulAnthony was enrolled when he joined the team to help me.

So this is why I am always pushing for progress.

If it stagnates, I will just make decisions autonomously, but i want to prevent this.


Great. What do you need next? My biggest boss is on holiday, I can’t provide my stuff what I committed to bring to the table.


Basically a venue. In all fairness, to keep it linear. I will just pick some venues with @PaulAnthony then we can relay them to you guys.

No more polls, not needed. Main details are established


Right guys,

The thread has stagnated a bit, so time to rejuvenate it. I have deleted all polls from the UK section as we know the details they were deciding, so there is no need for them to be there.

So, the meet will take place on Saturday 24th February 2018, starting from 19:00, taking place in London.

I am going to look a few venues now, however @gabriel @CryptoS17 @PaulAnthony if you want to help, crack on brothers



London is a broad defintion tho’
Which train hub ended up being most voted for?
That will have a lot to say with regards to whether or not we should be looking only in zones 1-4 or can manage all the way to 6-8…

If Waterloo is the main hub for instance, getting out to zone 6-8 is a direct connection that adds 20 min to the journey.
But if most are arriving at king’s X, or Victoria, we should probably stay within the 1-4 city zones

Hope I’m not overcomplicating, but it will affect travelling time alot, if coming in from outside London, and zone will potentially define cost of venue


I respect that, but ultimately, we could define all the specifics of accessing the venue and what route to take, but there is a level of being meticulous we have to stop at. Otherwise, we create more potential problems.

As for area, i am talking right in the middle, where we can at least experience SatoshiPoint Bitcoin ATM -


Indeed… Not disagreeing at all ;D

So I’m hearing zones 1-4, preferably zone 1-2

I’ll start hitting up some venues in the areas I know, in the 25-100 person capacity (probably closer to a 50 max capacity than 100 ;D ) - but let’s assume we will be at least 15-30 who join up?

Any objections or suggestions, I’m all ears :slight_smile:


Guys I believe to see big boss in this or next thursday. We have 110 days, let me arangge they place. I also need to proces Bitcoin payments, becouse that’s basiclly my condition.
That’s the place
„Our charming Victorian townhouse hotel is located right next to Swiss Cottage underground station and just a few minutes from the West End by Tube, bus or London taxi.Our hotel has excellent links to the Eurostar terminal at St Pancras and many tourist attractions, such as Regent’s Park, Madame Tussauds, Big Ben, The O2 Arena and Wembley Stadium.

We are our guests personal favourites when visiting the Camden Roundhouse,Home of Cricket - Lords or the London Zoo.

Bus stops to Luton and Stanstead Airport are 5 minutes walk from the hotel.”


Beautiful, just beautiful!!

Let me scan over the details brother right now


Is it near to any BTC ATM, centres, etc?


Here you are


Right guys, we are getting some good plans in place. I need to amend the title for this thread however; we have established we are meeting-

in London on Saturday 24/02/2018 @ 19:00, with the venue provisionally being the following link as sought out by @gabriel as he may be able to pull us a good deal.

I would ask @gabriel to liaise with @CryptoS17 because I did originally ask him to lead this, and I would like you two to have a contingency of other venues if all else fails. Ideally, I would like two or three more venues for us to choose from, so if we can get that done, that would be super

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Keep it up guys


That sounds like an awesome starting point, and redundancy on venue is definitely worth considering…
Having the actual meet-up somewhere else than the hotel, and getting a good deal on accomodations alone, is also an option…

@gabriel I’m assuming you have the inside scoop on BW, or did you just spot it?
Because if not, I’m pretty sure we can get corporate rates at least - I’m almost sure, that I have access to a corpotate membership… But if you can do better, then let’s have you run with that one, and I’ll start looking around for redundancies and alternatives.


I think if we have the provisional hotel @gabriel suggested for a meeting point, maybe conference room, and then move on to pubs, bars, restaurants AND then; regarding accommodation :

The easiest way forward I believe for accommodation is to individually source it yourself

Because numbers could change, people might not pay, etc.

So I want to avoid group booking for accommodation

But I do still want 2 or 3 more venues so we have a little bit of a choice


Agreed - group booking will be a shot in the foot… :slight_smile:
More thinking, that if we have a corporate rate, or a employee discount that we can offer without ensuring numbers - we should definitely leverage that, at that hotel - and let people take advantage if they want…
But only if it’s a no effort thing, which corporate rates should be at least :wink:

So I just need to know if @gabriel or me can get the best rate, through whatever channels we have at our disposal :slight_smile:

And yea - I’d prefer to have the actual meetup somewhere a little less sterile than a closed conference room, to be honest - for atmosphere, and to have the opportunity for walk-ins as well


Right, so @gabriel good spot, and great if you can get us discount for staying the night. It looks good, and is located nicely.

I do however want you and @CryptoS17 to provide a few more venues for the attendees,

@CryptoS17 I respect you brother for discussing corporate discount, etc however; this is the first meet, and we will not have massive numbers to really justify the extra work in narrowing down margins of cost.

Also, I do not want us to put off potential attendees and decide on just one place without being able to select from a few, for the sake of saving a bit of money.

So, the plan is, I would kindly like to see at least 3 venues we can look at.

Do not worry if you can not secure us any special deal, I just want some variety for the users to pick from.

So, Action plan:

Provide 3 different venues with links, and a short description, and anything else you see fit to add


I’m literally just talking about letting people book their own, and being able to shave some of that cost off, IF they pre-book on their own backs - I’m not about to pin my employers corporate deals on the hopes of people I never met showing up :wink:

So basically I’ll just find out how much of a discount I can offer if people decide to book their own at that hotel, and if they do, they’ll get a discount code or whatever - not sure how the BW partnerships work, I’ll just have to check on that :slight_smile:

So I’ll start looking for a venue close to the aformentioned hotel, as well as 2 more randomly centered around the transport hubs, so if @gabriel does the same, we should be left with a decent 4-6 venue pool to narrow from, from that :slight_smile:


That would be awesome dude.

Exactly the path forward to finally ironing out these details.

Good man