Bringing the Pub to the Camden's Head in the United Kingdom. Meeting at the YouTube Space First!



I’m working on it…


@CryptoS17 @gabriel

I am putting up the poll within the next two hours as it is 01:07am here in the UK. Hope you guys are good!

Thank you so much for what you have done so far, we are nearly there.

Any final venues you lads want to mention as I want this final poll to be done and over with


I’m so sorry. I lost connection.
Please accept my apology


Yeaa, 1 am for you, is 2 am for me - so I was conked out by then ;D

On my way to work now, so I’ll hit Y’all up from there. :slight_smile:


So it’s looking like a choice between grimey and pubby or swanky and hotellish at this point - I’m down with either :smiley:

@unitedwestand17 Let me know if I need to start putting feelers out or anything, I’m not aware of what my current next step in the process is, if I have one yet :smiley:



Yo… This is SO stupid… I just realised now… I think I have unlimited access to the London YouTube space, (SMACK BANG IN THE CENTER OF THE CITY) due to my previous content creation gigs… I’ve never made use of it, but I’m pretty sure my YouTube content creator profile gives me no-questions-asked-access

Is that something we want to leverage?


@CryptoS17, @gabriel, @unitedwestand17, great work guys!


That would be amazing!!


Lemme just check they still have the same setup for Content Creators, and try to book it - we can always just cancel, or have @peter come over to do a UK presentation? ;D


@peter, can you make the UK meetup?


What does it entail mate, a bit confused.

For now, I am addressing a few issues, but we need an ecclective mix of venues which we nearly have, from your local average to your swanky crypto millionaire.

I am so grateful for your input my brother, you have done an amazing job, you really have.

For now, just relax; maybe tell us more about this youtube thing, but that is something @peter has way more exposure with, so i might discuss that with him.

I am going to do a poll tonight, and remove a venue, and just add another two.

I like the ones you picked, i just did not want all venues to be rock and roll-esque.

But you came through nicely.

Be good to skype tonight maybe.

Much Love


I wish I could! Need more solid “work gainz” to make it happen.


Looks…appropriate… before a pub.


On my way to a show for the night, so tonight is AFK for me I am afraid… Tomorrow?


Duuuuude, what is this?

Give me a link bro



Enjoy your night brother, please do not worry.

Have a brilliant time, you deserve it!!


Assuming it’s this


Thank you brother, much love