Bringing the Pub to the Camden's Head in the United Kingdom. Meeting at the YouTube Space First!



Hey! Is this still happening?


Yeah i’m interested in coming along!


Looks like it’s just me you and you buddy! lol


I’d be keen to come if it’s during the weekend :slightly_smiling_face:


I will be attending with a +1 if that’s ok?


I’d be keen…if it’s happening.


Since @unitedwestand17 is gone (don’t know what happened) I wouldn’t count on it.

We need someone else to pick up the mantle.


Do we know how many people were interested?

I might be able to take care of this.


Shall we just meet up at a pub somewhere if that venue is not happening? Something fairly casual for the first time


That’s probably the easiest.


It would be fitting with the name n all :yum:


@unitedwestand17 Matt where are you my friend? Why you’re not moderator anymore? Where is UK PUB leader? What’s happened?
I wasn’t around for few months and you know why, but man what you did was right. Yeah. You didn’t understand what I was talking about but english is my second language. I was despie on myself my friend not you. However words which I used should be damned and this’s what you did was right. You have been protecting Pub standards and morals. That’s worth to glorify. I have no bad emotions in that situation and I feel so bad when I realised you not around. Next month I will be leaving UK but UK Cryptonation need you Matt. Please come back


7 days left until the meetup - if you are coming, please private message me your number so I can set up a whatsapp group for all attending. Im turning up with a +1


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I am 95% sure I’ll be able to make it.



Congrats. I got married myself a couple of months ago. Crypto-funded weddings FTW.

Quite frankly, since organising this a lot of the members involved have faded away. This happens with forums. Suppose shit’s got to be more immediate in this game.

@CryptoRai. Respect for bringing this back up. I’m in Cardiff and Wales are playing Ireland in the rugby next weekend and I’ve said I’ll stick around here and get wrecked with my Dad and watch that. I am interested in future meetups perhaps in London.


We’ll be on the road UK traveling in a motor home end of March onwards.

I’ll be popping on and off the pub here to say where we’re headed, I’m hoping to do some interviews with UK pub people for those that want to.

Cheers MX