Bringing the Pub to the Camden's Head in the United Kingdom. Meeting at the YouTube Space First!



I can meet. Looking forward to it



What’s the final information? Date/time/location?


Looking forward to this!

See you on Saturday


To all,

I sincerely express my apology for my absence and lack of input, especially with the community, and the meet-up.

A lot of people put time and effort into it, and for that an apology is deserved.

Without going into detail, a decision was made by myself in the best interests of those attending, and also myself. I knew that the unity and spirit was take autonomous decisions to direct this from my departure.

Understand, that is was not a decision based upon irrationality, and not because of any conflict within the Pub. This is truly a safe haven, and again, I re-iterate my apology.

Hope to interact with you all



Did the meet happen ? how did it go many turn up? is there another in future?


I’m not too sure if it is my remit to comment; however, there are many keen and good users on here.

I am sure a meet will be arranged


Hello Matt. It’s good to see you my friend. How are you? Living on the dream?


Hi gabriel, i am very well thank you! I hope you are too my brother.

I am living a happy life, which is good :slight_smile:

But by all means, i am not a crypto rich tycoon :stuck_out_tongue:


Forget about @gabriel this guy… nothing to talk about. lol


Ahhhhhh!! I am with you now :smiley: good to see you


Yooo. Matt. My friend, if I would be around you right now I would hug you as much as I possibly can.

I was miss you, so much. I thought you was dead. Don’t ask. lol


Ahhhhh, very kind words indeed brother!!

Loool i am still very much here and healthy so do not worry!! Very busy with work and various things, hence my engagement; but when i have time i come back to one of my favorite places to engage with old friends!


Yoo. Congratulations. If I understood right this time. lol. Great to see you once again. I just had deja vu, probably they changed something in code. lol. Those analogies to Matrix, do you remember? lol When you’re coming back to your moderator function? And Bitcon PUB UK waiting for you to!


Equally, same to you. Haha, deja vu is a wonderful thing. Medically, deja vu is when the brain accidentally stores a short term memory/exposure into the long term memory, however, i think everything happens for a reason!

I am back in this capacity :slight_smile: The pub is doing very well, and has a good management structure; so my function is just to enjoy being back :smiley:


Please join us on discord, pledge for it starting from 5$ a month. It will be great to have you there. I temporarily lost my patron badge, some issues with update account.

We have discord chat with Peter every Sunday.


Ahhh thank you!! I will have a look into it :slight_smile: