Bringing the Pub to the Camden's Head in the United Kingdom. Meeting at the YouTube Space First!



Hey man - flying in wednesday (but that’ll be a late one, might not hit Victoria until half midnight-ish…)
But thursday or friday, even monday should be open for me, if you want to grab a pint and shoot the shit :slight_smile:

I’ll be there until monday (leaving EARLY tuesday morning) but I’d better keep saturday/sunday free, just to not piss of the ‘missus’ :smiley:


Question for all the UK pubbers…is anyone using a Fidor bank account?


Sounds like the sweet spot to me :slight_smile:

@gabriel, feel free to get in touch anytime - I’m slow on the response at times, but WILL get back to you at some point within reasonable expectance :wink:


I was just about to ask - is there any way we can accumulate the polls in a pinned post at the top or something?
Maybe put one poster in charge of editing that post and adding in polls as requested?

That way people won’t have to scroll thru the entire board and potentially overlook them?


They will be pinned to the top and then populated on a post that I will rollover


Right brothers and sisters, this event is really gaining momentum, and it is because of you that this is happening!

I want to take this time to thank all of you, and in particular, those who are taken on some duties to assist myself and @PaulAnthony

SO we have two polls currently running in this thread, so please check them out. One POLL is ascertain what train station to meet up in London, although this can be changed if needed, and secondly, another poll which lists options to attend an event, or, meet up and decide from thereon what the venue will be.

So far it looks as if the consensus wants to decide where we will attend, as oppose to attending an event, although this could change.

So i think for integrity and direction for this meet up, the following should be followed for those providing assistance.

@PaulAnthony - Doing a great job in setting up that initial poll, a very important poll to gauge whether we want to attend an event, or decide upon a venue here. SO consolidate and check the results of what the users want, and then inform me, or the thread, what the final results are. Then maybe you could do a poll to narrow down a month for next year.

@CryptoS17 and @gabriel - I have personally spoke with CrpytoS, and I can do the same with you gabriel. My request from you two, and in speaking with Crpyto, will be to provide some ideas of venues close to our decided train station. This poll for potential venues should only happen once @PaulAnthony poll has gained another numbers to inform if we attend an event, or organise a venue, which you two can lead.

Thank you


This is So bad ass. Look at the UK Division going strong!


No, but interested in it. Seems a good option for turning crypto into fiat.


You know Ima try! Maybe not the first one but definetly will be there at some point.


I think if the poll reveals the Pub deciding on the venue, @CryptoS17 ad @gabriel can run a poll on venues, and provide information on suggested venues.

I also think it will then be good for you @PaulAnthony to concurrently run at least a poll, on highlighting a month for next year, as this will help to gain some preliminary costing that may be be involved.

So if the poll decides that the users pick the venue, crpytoS and gabriel can communicate amongst themselves for some good spots, and then @PaulAnthony you could run a poll just to get an idea of at least the month, not specifically the date.

If we at least have the month, and potential venue, we can then start to make phone calls on availability throughout said month.


I love this!!! Amazing idea, lets do it!!

Who is good with cameras lmao?


We doing things bro, we doing big things over this side of the pond!


Hi mate, thanks for reaching out! not too sure I can do either Thursday and Friday - what about a Saturday early afternoon?



What do you think to moving the polls within the UK section, but isolated from this thread?


Sounds like a good plan brother.

So i will separate all polls from this thread, and place them within the UK section.


Poll sequence protocol:

  1. City

  2. Area in 1

  3. Transportation link in 2

  4. Hotel or other establishment within walking/rolling distance of 3

  5. Poll on what constitutes ‘walking/rolling distance’

  6. New poll on Hotel or other establishment within specified parameters of walking/rolling distance of 3

  7. Poll on activities - meal / drinks and meal / drinks / Audience Participation Murder Mystery Play / drugs and hookers

  8. Drug preferences poll

  9. Hookers website poll (has to have options for men and women and other genders)

  10. Vote for most responsible attendee to deal with police questions in the morning

split this topic #232

3 posts were split to a new topic: A poll to decide whether we meet at a conference/event or create our own


OFC - it’d be great to meet a fellow pubber… :slight_smile:

Yeaa, could probably do saturday - gonna have to get the green light from the missus tho’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: haha

Working remotely thursday and friday, and then the weekends are kind of ‘our’ time off and my time away from the daily grind - but she’s come to terms with my crypto addiction, and can’t really argue the gains, so I get some leeway ;D hahahaha

My place is in KT5, how’s that in relation to you?


Please let us keep this serious. Polls will be decided upon the remit of the approrpriate person, and also, the order of polls will be decided amongst appropriate bodies,

The order that i want for now is:

  1. Poll to decide if we attend an event or decide upon a venue.
  2. Best train stations to meet up at for those traveling longer distances
  3. A poll to decide the month to meet next year.
  4. A poll which will list venues
  5. A poll to identify a suitable time
  6. A poll to then suggest dates

Further polls will follow upon consolidation

That will be the main information gathering exercise for now.


I’ve actually got the camera and audio gear for that… cams at least. not sure how much audio gear I have left, would have to check.

But still have my YouTube Content Manager account status from back in the day as well :smiley:
TheBitcoinPubUK channel maybe even, if anyone was to be enclined towards the content creation side of things? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: