BTC (Bitcoin) Halving in 2020 Price Prediction Poll


So we are between 20k-50k. Not baaaaad not baaaaaadd!



Let’s hit 150 votes guys.
One day, we will look back to this topic and see who was right and wrong.
Amazing times :smiley:


Will BTC hit 50k? :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone. We finally hit that 150 vote mark!


160 and counting…
If you are a pub member, we appreciate your participation :slight_smile:


I had to edit and increase my vote to $100K. This train can’t be stopped.


I would not mind 100k.

Please don’t stop the train :smiley:


This is no ordinary train. More like a Tesla Hyperloop. :wink:

pinned #30


This isn’t a train. It’s a muthaf*kkin space ship yo! :rocket:


lol true, but Space ships tend to implode when they run into things. Trains however, plow right through. :wink:


You can’t go to the moon by train.


Lol. This is true. That’s where we headed bro! @Nathan_DuMoulin


1M is my selection. Doesn’t seem to be realistic, but hey, why too realistic. Where there is a dream, there is a realisation. LOL

I will go to the prosperous moon on Peter’s crypto spaceship and eat my favourite mooncake.


200 votes as we approach 8k…
Thank you for your participation.
The time is ticking… We are getting closer!


In a month we almost doubled again…
I think my predictions are way of…
We may reach 50k in 2018… Damn!


We almost touched 20k before 2020…
This is BTC for you :smiley:


So…BTC is currently around the $13K mark… Why do you think the price dropped so fast?


Because it took 1 year to reach 10k…
Took a few weeks to reach 20k.
Anything goes up sharp must also come down sharp.
& If it does come down sharp, it will eventually go up sharp…
I think it is a healthy correction. We are still up… (At least I am)…


Predicting the future is ALWAYS challenging … I follow the Economy Forecast Agency bitcoin forecasts at this URL

In the last week they have significantly dropped their forecast … but still say BTC will be over $50,000 … by Dec 2020