BTC (Bitcoin) Halving in 2020 Price Prediction Poll


So how much do i need to invest to become a billionaire hmmm.
Thats the question


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342 voters.
Thats’ amazing…Thank you!
We are getting closer guys. It is 2018. You will close your eyes and when you open your eyes, you will be landed on the moon…
Maybe on another galaxy.
Who the hell knows guys?


u dont need that much money, u’ll be fine with 5 million


5 million is my target for retirement


5 million per coin ? :full_moon:


Nope. Portfolio amount. Looking to get there in a year or two :stuck_out_tongue:


Dang. How much did u start with. Would like to know


Less than $70k USD. Started investing in crypto around 6 months ago, gradually increasing my position after getting my toes wet, by smashing all our families (mine, wife and kids) savings and stocks into crypto. Typically 400% up on bitcoin and around 5500% up on ICX (from ICO) and bought more ICX with bitcoins post-ICO. I have Neo but that’s still at a loss (bitcoin-wise, but up 200% fiat-wise).

ICX is now over 60% value of my portfolio due to bitcoins recent correction, but that’s going to change again once bitcoin picks up again.


You really picked some solid coins in the early days, well done sir. :clap:


When was the first halving? And what price was that time? When will be the second halving?



I think BTC will drop significantly if transaction times and fee issues are not fixed this year.


I’ve been wanting to load up on a lot of BTC (so the drop wouldn’t be too bad for me personally), but its not ideal seeing people lose confidence in BTC like that.

I still believe those issues will eventually be solved… And, when they do we’ll see a resurgence in BTC confidence…

Well at least that’s what I think.


I’m wondering, why would they drop then and not now? It’s interesting that alternatives are available… but Bitcoin is still strong


Lightning network is coming. Let’s be patient.


I remember when the poll hit 100 people.
We are getting close to 2020.
22 months to go :slight_smile:


Probably faster than we think!


I think 2020 50k bitcoin seems possible and I think it will possibly top that but will crash to around that number. Cycle will keep repeating itself. I do believe bitcoin will get to $1 million in the long term and possibly surpass that figure