BTC (Bitcoin) Halving in 2020 Price Prediction Poll


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This is all about BTC vs ETH where ETH is the evil side of the blockchain.


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bumping to get more people to vote.


570+ votes.
When can we get to 1k votes? :smiley:


570 out of 12000+ is less than 5% participation.
We need 20% I would say


We have 19 months to go :slight_smile: . It is getting closer.


Pump this feed get more votes…


I don’t actually like pumping.
Natural organic growth beats any type of pumping.
I am happy with 5 percent participation :slight_smile: hopefully will get to 20 percent before 2020.


I see what you are saying. Agreed.


My thumb was hovering over 100k but I’ll play it safe and go for the 50k :wink:


That table shows either bitcoin will go to infinity or die by 2028. So we only have to wait it out for 10 more years.


I’ll be overjoyed if BTC hits $1M.


either way this will be fascinating. half the BTC being released to be sold off.

im curious on what will happen to the hash power in particular. if mining is running just above cost when it halves, will we see a price pump or will a stack of hash power leave the network?


don’t you people think its to early to predict for year 2020 it would be better if it might for 2019. but i dont find bitcoin anywhere in my list of year 2020.


This is specifically created to predict the price at the time of halving.
There is already topics like the one below to predict 2018 ATH:


If BTC is going to follow the trend as it did before, 2019 will be second and last years of bear market in this cycle. 2020-21 a rush, and 2022-23 another bear market.