$BTC forks claim?


is there any consolidated thread/post for the all BTC forks claim procedure ? or do we need to export keys into their respective clients?


found jimmy song helpful article for 3 forks

another steemit article


The best method I have found is to use Coinomi, Bitpie, and Bither. They are all android wallets. Coinomi is the most mainstream of the three, and it has several forks you can claim.

Bitpie and Bither are two wallets that work together. They let you claim some of the more obscure forks, and they keep adding more.

The most important step is the first one: moving your bitcoin to a new private address. That way, if any of your fork-claiming goes bad, your bitcoin cannot be touched.

There is a reddit post with more detailed directions here: I just claimed a lot of BTC forks. A headache, but probably worth it!