BTCclicks:Reliable or not?

Since bitcoin came into existence, bitcoin faucet programs were introduced to increase the awareness of cryptocurrency and became an easy way to have bitcoins without paying or investing. is one of the founded, ideal PTC( Pay-To-Click) websites, with payouts averaging around 100 satoshis per 10-second visit. The website offers quick and normal payouts in satoshi to Xapo Wallets.

Let’s try to know some more details about BTCclicks.

What exactly is BTCclicks?
BTCclicks is also known as the Pay-To-Click[PTC]website. Whenever your advertisements displayed on their website are clicked by the users, you get paid in return. Although,the Pay-to-Click websites are lawful things, but you need to be aware as there are a lot of scams out there. In this website you will be paid out in cryptocurrency Bitcoin not in USD.

Referral Opportunity
In BTCclicks, you will not earn much money by clicking on advertisements. The site requires you to take 5,000 clicks earlier to earn so much as a dollar. Also you will not be able to click so many times a day as many different advertisements will not be displayed. I feel that BTCclicks affiliate referral program is one of the best choices to make money through this site.

Final words
Overall, the website is truly promising. Their ad rate is superior and quite high compared to other sites. BTCclicks have a wonderful custom site design and script. However, a fresher can work on BTCclicks without any worries.

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