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@ImaginaryPi is there a good company to source parts for mining rig or just shop around net? Never mind i just saw links :slight_smile:


I typically shop at Microcenter. I have found that their prices are incredible, especially if you find a sale. Odd parts I go to Amazon for. Those are the two primary places I shop for mining rig parts.



@ImaginaryPi Would you be able to DM with the same info? Also how come the power supply is so expensive? Is that the normal cost for a 1500W one? Cant wait for this stream!


What info do you need me to message you?

1500w power supplies are very expensive. You can do @JasonMasterNET method which is here:

GPU MINING For DUMMIES: A complete guide on GPU mining

However, we will not be covering this in the live stream on Saturday.

Glad you are excited about the Live Stream, I AM TOO!


paralell miner is a great resource for mining rig equipment.

the sell the platinum rated HP power supply w/ the breakout board and cables in an all in one kit pretty cheap:

although you can get the power supply seperate for liek 25 bucks and just the breakout board from them. although if you are a begginer it may make sense to get it all from them for the support.


I’m very interested in participating in the building of this mining rig this Saturday! I just calculated the costs of everything and it seems as if everything together would be roughly 2000$. The question I have is how much BTC would this earn you per day on average? How much electricity would this burn per month in dollar cost? I am very interested just a few questions I’m curious about as to what would my return be in BTC per day or month and how long would it take me to make up my initial investment. Thank you!


@MoonGoals Please let me know what GPU you are thinking of purchasing. The GPUs are the money makers. If you are looking to purchase the one’s I linked, you are looking at about 0.00031067 BTC/day per GPU currently.


Can you please give me any information on how fast these rigs are at mining BTC with all 6? I am trying to calculate time for ROI as this seems like a substantial investment for me at this time. I will be buying the GPUs you posted.



@nyth See the above post. The GPUs I gave a link to should bring in about 0.00031067 BTC/day per GPU currently. This does not include electricity.


Whats the hashing power for 6 GPU’s?


Around 2500 sols/s on ZEC


so ive come down to the grand total of 7000$ for.
This should be everything i need please feel free to edit everything here (NOTE) this doesn’t have the cards but thats 5700$.


Carts are empty. Can you send links to each part?






PCIE Risers-


10 Vega 64 but im gonna get those form all around because i can get the individually cheaper if i look.


Your MOBO only have 4 pci-e connections. Are you making rig with 4 GPU’s on one MOBO? :slight_smile:


Couple of comments:

  1. Go with the HDD instead of the SSD. No need for the benefits of an SSD for mining.
  2. Check your power requirements. You said you are going to go with 10 Vega 64 GPUs. Are you planning on running 2 rigs?
  3. That motherboard can accept 4 GPUs without adding a splitter. Again, check your power requirements because my quick calcs make me think you are going to need at least 1390 watts.

Everything else looks good.


Looks like you guys beat me to the comments. :wink:


i did realize the mobo issue and the hdd i will get instead i was going to run it with 2 1200 watt platinum rated power supplies