Build Your Own ASIC Miner


Hey Pub members :slight_smile: I would like to compile a list of resources on how to build our own ASIC miners. I think that this is important for the decentralization of mining power with the current centralization of miners in China and uncertainty of legality in that jurisdiction. Also, with recent controversial discussions of Bitcoin Cash.

According to some of the links below, creating your own ASIC miner is impossible. This will be a real challenge, but I think that it is possible based on information in other forums. We have a lot of brain power here. Sourcing the ASIC chips will be a challenge. If we have any electrical engineers here, I would appreciate your insight. I am setting up my first D3 ASIC miners next week so I will be looking forward to studying the design more closely. If you have any ideas, additional resources, or know anybody who has successfully crafted their own ASIC miner please share your knowledge below. Thanks for your interest :smiley:
List of places to possibly acquire the ASIC chips.
Why ASICs instead of GPUs?

Challenges to overcome.
task at “Level: ELITE”
Basic design, to be developed to the last detail.

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Man! This would be awesome! I’m not that familiar with hardware development but I will help anyway I can.


I think it is clear that we will not be able to manufacture our own silicon ASIC chips at home because that requires some million dollar equipment but I do hope to find a source of affordable ASIC’s to experiment with. I hope to learn along the way, without it being too costly. Perhaps I can start a hardware recycling campaign in my local community similar to what Japan is doing to recycle parts and save money.



Thanks for offering your help, I’m still trying to wrap my mind around all necessary design specifications and hardware so that I can make a shopping list and budget.

" I know one of the principles at a company that IS designing their own Bitcoin ASIC - and the were talking MILLIONS to get it designed and into production.
THEN they get to add on the cost of the actual chips once they’re IN production.

I think the reason they went that route was the extreme shortage of “commercial” miners and “commercial” ASIC chips, even when you have enough money to wave under Innosilicon’s or Bitfury’s noses (Bitmain doesn’t sell chips at ALL afaik) to get the pre-existing chips - and for the quantity they wanted long-term it might actually cost them LESS to roll their own despite the up-front costs."

From the “Why ASICs instead of GPUs” link above

I am definitely dreaming :heart_eyes: but the dream gives me steam, hehe.


"Good luck finding:
a.People very well-versed in laying out bleeding-edge IC design.

b.Said people also knowing how to route by-hand the SHA256 logic cores inside the chips. Foundry-supplied IP blocks will be useless aside from memory and coms.

c.Then convincing TSMC, GloFo or Samsung to sell you time to make some test wafers. IF they will even talk/work with you Foundry cost per test run will be several 100k$ up-front.

d. rinse and repeat ‘c’ several times until the chips works reasonably ‘close to specs’. Redesign costs/time for each test run - massive.

e. And this one is a doozy - gathering KNOWLEDGABLE investors willing to put up several 10’s of millions USD to do all of this. Given the horrific past history of companies ‘making’ ASIC-based miners using their own chips and then for various reasons - mostly pure and simple nefarious greed followed closely by them frankly totally blowing the chip and power design - all failing miserably, good luck with that…

f. Convincing your Foundry to allot production time for you to produce enough chips per-run to make all this worth while. That may be as hard as ‘e’…"

I think I should build my own GPU mining rig first, hehe.


Today I finished my application for the Masters in Cyber Security at University of South Florida in Tampa.

I also completed my application for the MBA management program at University of California Riverside.

I am working on my third and perhaps final application for graduate studies in Nonprofit Organizational Management at the University of Oregon (I am just thinking about my third reference as the first two apps only required two).

All of this to say, I will do my best to incorporate my interest in cryptocurrencies and building ASIC miners into my studies, research projects, and interdisciplinary relationships at whichever university I am accepted and choose to attend. UC Riverside may be the most promising for ASICs research considering proximity to San Bernandino and materials research at UCR.

Wish me luck, y’all!


“So it seems to get down to this: what exactly are tomorrow’s innovations — what’s the next “Internet,” what skills will be required, and how can the U.S. (and elsewhere) compete?”


I’ve looked into it. A run of chips is around 2.5 million to start. Selling them commercially in the US opens you up to a lot of liabilities too. Chinese companies don’t have to worry about someone getting hurt by one of their machines.

That said. I’d still like to do it. A silent $20-30 plug and play 1 TH/s machine is along the lines of what I’m thinking.Getting something simple like that in homes would make a huge difference.


Buy an old S4 and take it apart if you want to learn about the design. They’re modular, and use OpenWRT as the OS.


Thanks so much for your input, @nathan. I appreciate all of the knowledge that you share here at the pub and for this discussion.

I like your clear vision and guidelines.

I will try to get an old S4 ASAP.

Have you ordered any of the new Antminer S9-13.5TH/s?


Yeah I have two sub basements full of them, and more on the way.


Thats whats good, man!


I’m trying to keep up with the arms race. On this side.


hey there folks i am starting this project as an experimental prototype ( to make my own ASIC miner )
i am using bm 1382 asic chips and my background is electrical engineering what i need is a partner with huge software experience and what ever knowledge we can get will be shared among the partners ( supporters )
of this project
anyone who is interested plz contact me
whatsapp +962790206313
facebook Abdallah Nasrallah


I live in Tampa as well and work at local datacenter. We should link up!!


Would you possibly be willing to sell one of them?


yes for sure why not


i will keep you guys informed


What type of software? For a controller board? I can do that. I not a developer, but I know microcontrollers, and low level stuff better than most. Hardware has always been my thing.