Build Your Own ASIC Miner


@nikgl The focus on cloning a control board or any other PCB board part of Bitmain’s miner is the way to overcome several years of R&D and to get a system that is proving to work.

I couldn’t agree more with you on the fact to get something more innovative, but at this stage we have to start somewhere to get a knowledge on how these machines operate, so in the future we will be able to add our own touch and ideas into a new miner.

For me the main issue is not the heat generation but yes more the power consumption of the device that needs to be improved.

The ASIC issue i very problematic as you need to find the right people with all the knowledge available to mine different Algorithms and when you want something good you have to turn to experts like already established IP vendors.
In this case Samsung or Globalfoundries come in handy as Samsung is working on a ASIC chip, this will bring down the cost of production if they unveil it in the near future.

I already contacted Samsung to get more info in regards to their ASIC Chip i already got a reply, i believe the way this is going at this stage for me is the right approach.

I traveled 7 times to Shenzhen in the past 4 weeks to meeth with companies able to help and to get this up and running ASAP, i believe i will have a working prototype in the next couple of months. At this moment China is on a Standstill due to chinese new year…

Anyway if you have any suggestion of how we can improve anything please let me know.


Adding on to what @merismus said, establishing partnerships now might make it a faster process to do cloning in the future. Idk the culture of the people they are working with, but that’s what I would expect in the US.


@merismus You never cease to amaze :slight_smile: Bravo to you for your continuing hard work, research, professionalism, travel, negotiations, and dedication. I hope that you are enjoying the journey and also getting enough rest.

Singapore Mining Company seems to be a very promising leader in the future of ASIC miners, I will gander to say. Power efficiency is important for customers and our environment so I’m happy to see that you are taking that into careful consideration. I encourage you to continue following your dreams and thank you so much for sharing your update with us.


Great topic, so much awesome information and helpful people here. I keep getting amazed how much this forum is helping the community.
So far i read 2/3 of the thread (its getting huge). I learn a thing or two myself. I wanted to make an Asic similar to S9 but sadly i did not have the budget. I do have connection in China as well as India for manufacturing hardware. I’m a software guy so i cant sadly help with the hardware but can help with moral support for now :smile:

By the way when not make a ICO for budget? I mean this is still a very lucrative business area. And i haven’t see any ICO for something like this. I would for sure support and spread the word. I dont like ICO all to much since there are so much scams around but there are diamonds to be found as well (like ICX) or maybe this project :wink:


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There will be a need for funds when we speak about getting the ASIC chip and manufacturing of the miner itself.
ICO’s are forbidden in Singapore therefor we did not launch any, our company is legally setup its a Private Limited.

We have nothing to hide :smile: our main office where we also have our mining farm is at Kallang Pudding Road, Tong Lee Building: Location

We already created a Ether Coin called GoGo Mining but so far only 1 person bought $49 dollars worth of coins and we thank that person for that, that’s why its always difficult to share all schematics after that as we have to support all the costs of the reverse engineering, time spent travelling, creating the prototype etc… if anyone is willing to help please do so and buy our coin and spread the word

If you need our company official details please PM and we will send you a complete copy of our company profile with phone number and address …etc.


One question to you: is it possible to eliminate the check of fan speed at the booting process?
As I want to remove them it must be done otherwise the systems generates an error?


The fans are PWM controled when it first starts up it goes to 15% then it goes to the 100% until it starts hashing, at that stage it samples the temperature and adjusts the fan speed accordingly.

The ASIC is the one setting the fan speed during boot up to several different speeds and then measures the actual speed of the fans to double confirm that the fan speed matches the speed it is asking for.

You can set the fan speed via ssh console but you need be careful doing that, you can set the % of the fan speed during boot. WARNING: DO THAT AT YOUR OWN RISK.


I would say power consumption = heat generated, all power should turn into heat from an Asic? Only issues could be heat transfer, especially with smaller and smaller chips (7nm).

How can you make a working prototype without the new Asic? Or you want to make a protoype based on Bitmain just to prove you know how to program firmware and make the control boards etc, like a proof of concept? Once you make the Asic im sure you would have to start from scratch anyway with all the rest parts.

What I mean with how to handle cooling was not how to make it generate less heat. Of course for the Asic you need to focus on speed vs power (effectiveness). But when you build the prototype (housing firmware controller hashboards etc, you need to figure out how to handle the heat transfer within the device (transfer from Asic out from the device somehow). And im sure this issue will be specific to the new Asic and not something you can just clone from the old Miners.


i am a professional ICO Advisor and smart contract developer. If you need to create an ICO I could help out. I am interested in mining (built an own smallscale mining center of 10 rigs) and have been following the discussion here. Would be fun to be part of this. Just PM if you like, i joined slack but doesnt seem to be much activity there


Hey, I’m the cofounder of all we need is a source for the chips and we can do the rest. Shoot me an email I’d love to take a look at the datasheet. What volume of chips can you get? 10-100k 100k-1mm? We are looking at different approaches to IP and funding. We are seriously working on a sustainable way to do an open source business for bitcoin mining.


I’ve talked with Bitfury, they say they will sell you chips, but the quote they give you is a no. The lead time, price, and performance make it tough to justify even if you’re miner cost nothing to run and build.


I’m sure y’all be interested in this


this is the reply i got from bitfury
"Or we can offer our 75GH/s chips at USD 9.4 per chip.

The chips come with a reference design for you to work with to build these into machines. Minimum investment is USD 2 Million."


That isn’t the worst part even, the 7-9month lead time just kills it. Pretty much saying yeah we’ll sell you chips but only on term such that you will loose money and go out of business.


This is one of the posts I originally wrote when we started BitHeat, some of the other blogs are a bit outdated but the gist of them all holds up.


Thanks allot Magnus for the offer. I will save your name incase we need your help. Could you perhaps give me your email or something so i can reach you with? PM me please.
Are you Swede by any chance?


Hi CvR!

I think it will be the same as “evertime” with bitmain. You would need to compile the “cgminer” they use with the freq. and voltage! option as normal the voltage option is disabled. Also in cgminer it’s possible to adjust fan speed on startup, etc…
Haven’t done this yet…

Bye, FNT

PS: greetz/seas from Austria…


are you able to support us?

I am running my S9´s in liquid paraffin and the Chip temperature is stabil 35°C
Even I am cooling that much my energy consumption is not dropping down. I need about 1300 W
Our air-cooled S9´s are running with Chip temperatures of 60°C (ambient temperature is 6°C) at 1390 W.

question/need: I want to remove the 2 fans - how is it possible without booting error?

question/need: how is it possible to increase the frequency to get for example 16 TH/s?

question/need: how is the ratio V (Volt) to frequency

Please support us, we would pay for your kind service.