Build Your Own ASIC Miner


I am running my S9´s in liquid paraffin and the Chip temperature is stabil 35°C
Even I am cooling that much my energy consumption is not dropping down. I need about 1300 W
Our air-cooled S9´s are running with Chip temperatures of 60°C (ambient temperature is 6°C) at 1390 W.

question/need: I want to remove the 2 fans - how is it possible without booting error?

question/need: how is it possible to increase the frequency to get for example 16 TH/s?

question/need: how is the ratio V (Volt) to frequency

Please support us, we would pay for your kind service.



Don’t know if I can support you, I only can tell you the following…
I’m doing my research actualy on an A3, not quite the same as S9 but similar.
To change the voltage, freuquency and also the behavior of the fans you need to compile the cgminer at yourself AND modify the code -> fan PWM check, etc…
Miner don’t start if no fan is “found”, etc…

About temps. I don’t have any datasheets about the new BM’s chips, that’s bad, but I have the following point at the A3, and I think S9 is similar. If chips/pcb are too cold, e.g. 50°C (cold air outside + 100% fanspeed) I get MORE hardware faults, so optimal temp at A3 is between 50 PCB temp. and about 65-75°C chips temp. Also think I read something about the old S7, where chip temp. also is about 70°C…
To increase hashrate I’d suggest to change frequ.and voltage…

Bye, FNT


Hi again,
is the “cgminer” the firmware of the S9?



No, the cgminer is the miner software which is running at the linux dis.:
ARM Angstrom / Blackbeagle board.
Here are the links: which is GPLv3, you can use it at own risk and compile it…

Bye, FNT



I’m interested in this project. My background is in Electronics Engineering and Computer Science. However, I have experience with Programming (C++, Assembly, PHP, web-stack) and Server Infrastructure architecture as well as debugging ICs and fixing broken pcbs.

You can find a bit more about me at .

At minimum, I would be interested in monetarily (small fries) contributing to this project. I’d also be interested in helping with building/testing components in Japan.


Hey Richie,

I’m glad that you have joined us here to express your interest. That is great that you have a background in Electronics Engineering and Computer Science. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your website with us. That is cool that your wife is Japanese and you speak business level Japanese. Apparently crypto currencies are hot in Japan.

If you would like to monetarily contribute to one of the ongoing projects here, I encourage you to research the projects and invest in whichever one you see most fit. I believe Singa Mining Co is geographically the closest researcher and developer to Japan and they also have made a token available to support the costs of development.

John Dailey


Thanks for sharing this, very good news! :koreanbbq: :icx: :iphone:


Here is where you can invest monetarily.

Some of our other projects are planning a more formalized ICO launch, so stay tuned for that as well :slight_smile:


Yes sir, I too am amazed. Quite frankly, when I began the topic I was excited, experienced some doubt, but knew that I had to try and discuss this with others. For the first few weeks, I thought to myself a few times, “This is the thread that I go to get delirious.” However, as the cryptocurrency market has developed, I have realized that there is a real demand for this technology, and that there are skilled individuals and organizations out there who can meet this demand.

After a two week vacation (sadly I would have rather been working), I am interested in moving forward with this project in terms of continuing research and development for our more technically advanced team members, and in turn developing a formalized road map, event calendar, project partnerships list, media partners list, and strategic ICO launch adding the most value, effectiveness, and benefit to society.

Thank you so much for your positive input and ideas :slight_smile: I feel honored with the comparison of our mission here to the premined token project of ICX, and I too recognize they are an ICON in the cryptosphere in terms of an excellent ICO launch, roadmap, partnerships, and overall product design. Definitely something to strive for. :smiley:


Hey Magnus,

Thanks for joining us here. That is very interesting that you are a professional ICO Advisor and smart contract developer. Can you share which ICO’s you have advised, where and how you have honed your skills as a smart contract developer? Congratulations on those developments and also creating your own small scale mining center of 10 rigs. This is good, as you can understand many of our potential clients’ needs, wants, challenges, and solutions. I prefer the UI here in the pub as I have been using it longer, although the slack channel was quite active a few weeks ago and I am still familiarizing myself with that platform and project.

Welcome and thanks :slight_smile:

John Dailey



Welcome to you and your team at BitHeat. BitHeat has an amazing twitter page :star_struck: Thanks so much for sharing that here!

Congratulations on nearing one year of simulated cycles! :congratulations: I believe BitHeat will reach its 5 year lifespan with daily cycling :tada:

John Dailey



Thank you for sharing this quote with us.

Bitmain’s T9 Bitcoin antminer has a 12,500.0 GH/s rate. So, 12,500/75 = 166 chips required to match Bitmain’s speed x $9.40/chip = $1566 just for the chips.

We must keep swimming to find affordable chips. Perhaps Samsung will be more affordable.

John Dailey



Thank you for sharing the link to your blog. Can you share another link, or just paste the article contents? I am receiving a “404 page not found” error.


John Dailey


Hey fnt,

Thanks for joining us here and offering creative solutions to CvR and the rest of us here. I am happy to see that we are able to collaborate and find solutions together. Thank you for sharing the github links, very fun to explore. Your A3 research is proving to be productive, educational and helpful for your endeavors and to this community so thank you for that.

John Dailey


Hey CvR,

How is it going with these questions/needs?

I think this GitHub page may be helpful.

I am a novice coder but I can recognize the words fan, frequency, temp, and voltage in the code. I would love to hear if this does or does not help you.


John Dailey



Hey lads

Warmly greetings from Ireland (but orginally from Poland) . I followed your suggestions for last few days and if I can help anyhow let me know. Keep up good work lads :slight_smile:


How are the various projects going here at the Pub? NODE Haven has been hard at work, just as everyone else here, to make our common dreams a reality. Back in December, when we splintered from this very thread, making a miner was just a vision.

Yesterday we opened our Website and our Whitepaper can be found there. Our SLACK and Telegram are found on the website and we are open to discuss progress, accept feedback, seed investment or any other resources that could help make this dream a reality.

I love reading through the thread and seeing how many different people are feeling the same excitement. One of our goals with the miners that we are planning to build is an interchangeable hash-card similar to PCI for GPU. Allowing upgrading and the ability to literally build your own miner which, with the advent of Bitcoin ASICs, has been out of reach for most.

NODE Haven Website:

NODE Haven Status:
Technical Partnerships Established
Whitepaper Finalized
Website Created
Advisers Being Recruited (Please contact us if interested)
Token Being Coded
Token Sale Being Planned


It doesn’t help, as I know, that it is possible to develop it but I myself am not able to do it. I am an economist and not a programmer.
I am looking for someone who is skilled enough to solve my problem.

Beside I have heard, that it is still existing a tricky backdoor in any ANTMINER although BITMAIN has removed the “old” one!!!

All ANTMINERS are “open” for BITMAIN and they use them to manipulate …

Tell me, why the following is in the code:

If you connect to the S9 via SSH
go to:
cd /

  • „baidoo“ - why that Website is there??



I’m sorry, I dont’ have a S9 so I can’t test cgminer, etc… for S7 (i have) the voltage adj. is done via PIC an external pickit and not possible via cgminer.
On the A3 I got the pic.txt, but it’s of course a num.-txt file… worth nothing…

On the A3 there is no /sbin/minermonitor… doesn’t mean, there is no backdoor, but code is not open-source at the moment…

@merismus: Is the PIC coding from the european company? Could you send me the contact? Thanks!

Anybody has contact to samsung for a sample/test chip? :wink:

bye, FNT