Build Your Own ASIC Miner


@fnt where are you located?
We could invite you and pay for your service


Hi all,

What an interesting thread this is! Ive been thinking - and discussing - the development of asic mining machines back in 2013. Back then there was no interest. Glad to see that has changed.

I am still intrigued by the idea of setting up a company in the crypto mining space and i might have found a viable model. This would include a short term strategy based on mining / building turn key racks and containers for clients (with existing machines) and a long term one based on the development of new asics. Perhaps in cooperation with existing projects found in this thread.

In case people are interested in exploring possibilities let me know.

-12 years of experience in procurement, supply chain management, retail / brand strategy.
-10 years procurement / management experience in China.
-founded multiple companies in The Netherlands.
-started trading cryptocurrencies late 2013.
-warehouses + offices in NL and a currently non operational factory in China at my disposal
-cash to start up

In case we can form a well diversified and experienced team i would gladly put my time and money in this adventure.


Please just hold on with me for a few more weeks i will have everything available for you guys!!


Hey Asgaard,

Greetings and welcome :slight_smile: Thanks for joining us here. I have an old pal from Poland working with Amazon right now as an industrial engineer, you reminded me of him, so maybe I can get him involved with this project. What do you do there in Ireland? How do you like it there? I am hoping to begin my online masters studies in Cyber Security this summer and I am strongly considering moving to Ireland or Belgium while I complete my studies. I am from the U.S. but about half of my genetics come from Ireland/England so I would like to experience more of my old culture there and acquire an Irish passport.

Also, in terms of this project, it may prove advantageous in the future.


The various projects are going :slight_smile:


NODEhaven has a very aesthetic, creative, and professional looking website. I especially admire your clear goals outline, video explaining BTC with the amazing circuitry world map back ground, and clear miner production timeline. I am perusing through your whitepaper now, which I am very impressed with. I have only been studying cryptocurrencies for the last 6 months but I believe that you have one of the most detailed, informative, and professional whitepapers that I have yet read in this space.

I noticed an email notification from SLACK last night with NODEhaven’s open invitation to developers and advisors so I highly encourage anyone interested in this topic and project to join there and inquire.

I am confident in NODEhaven’s ability to reach their goals.


I understand. I am trained in Geography and have been making attempts to learn coding over the last year. I feel disappointed and inadequate that I can not help you with this development issue. Your water liquid cooling ASICs project is one of my favorites for larger scale mining solutions. Today is my day of rest but I will look into the code more in the upcoming week and see if I can help more. I’m sure that there is someone here in the pub who has the skills.

I googled “baidoo” and the only thing I can find similar is Belinda Baidoo’s model website.

I hope that we can help you find a solution soon and thanks so much for sharing your progress and concerns with us.


Hey Niels,

Welcome to the discussion :slight_smile: Yes, things are changing with time.

You have joined this discussion at a key time as I feel we are getting closer to finishing some schematics. We have a lot of different talents here so it seems to be a matter of time, research, communication, acquiring skills, organization, negotiation, fund raising, and production before we have fully unified our efforts and have working prototypes/final products to offer the market. The tokenization of this project and financial partnerships is also crucial for funding. Just as there are three different privacy coins like DASH, Monero, and Z Cash, we may also continue our projects separately which is fine, but I believe we can also be stronger and offer better products with our unified diversity. Healthy competition is good, and I’m also thrilled to see how we can collaborate.

You have a lot of great experience and skills. The infrastructure at your disposal also has high potential for supporting this sort of project in the future as we approach production. I am proud of my Dutch heritage and I travel to Brussels (kind of Dutch ;)) multiple times each year as my girlfriend is completing her masters in law there, so it would be interesting to work with you there in the heart of Europe.

-10 years of experience in procurement, supply chain management in the US
-founded one company in the US
-started trading cryptocurrencies in July of 2017
-apartment available in BXL and connections with high level European attorneys enthusiastic about cryptocurrencies
-crypto to start up and pending lawsuit against Bitmain


I believe yesterday was the end of the lunar new year celebration, according to my google search. :full_moon: Again, happy new year to you, James! It was fun and interesting to take a two week vacation during this special time in which Asia is also celebrating. Did you take some time to celebrate and enjoy as well? It seems like you have been busy, despite slow down in the region, so kudos to you :slight_smile: I really appreciate your diligence there Mr. Goncalves. I trust that all is well with you and company there. If there is anything specific that we can do here to help you please let us know and we will try to be of service. I am working on liquidating some assets here in Florida to invest in your token and NODEhaven.


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Everyone, let’s not be fooled in our mission.

This article is about GPU’s which we all know have many different uses. ASICs also have many different possibilities for applications.

We have great opportunities and abilities to learn about how ASICs can change the world.


Let’s keep Kodak ASIC miners in mind in terms of what and what NOT to do with our project :slight_smile: