Build Your Own ASIC Miner


I’m familiarizing myself with the Dragonchain project. Is anyone else here familiar with their blockchain? Perhaps someone is interested in joining their incubator :slight_smile:


Anybody on here interested in creating a formal corporate structure? I’m happy to help us get set up. I know there are existing corporations represented in the thread. Maybe we can form an investment syndicate that leverages the unique strengths of each group and individual. We can fill all of the necessary teams from a hardware and software development standpoint as well as management. We can divide equity stakes based on skills, connections, and investment capital.

I would love to effectively crowdsource an ASIC hardware/software company out of this thread. The talent seems to be here. We need to sit down and form a steering committee of some sort and see what we have and don’t have in order to start forming into something real.

I’m exited to have found this group!!!



I’m from Quebec (Canada).

I’m interested by the project. My experiences are in electronic and networking. I do operate a small wireless Internet service provider (wisp).

Here are the points to consider in my opinion:

  • housing form factor
  • passive cooling (no fan)
  • wireless connection




Hey Mon,

Welcome to the discussion :slight_smile: Yes, we have various different individuals and businesses here at discussing the topic of “Build Your Own ASIC Miner”.

We began the discussion back in Nov 2017 with a sort of DIY, can do attitude. However, due to the capital and knowledge intensive nature of this sort of development and research, we have been collaborating in an open source forum here at to bootstrap our projects. We have agreed that DIY ASIC miners are a possible development for us, and we will utilize the power of the blockchain and tokenization to crowdsource funding from customers. We have visited SCRUM and AGILE frameworks for a means of production, staying accountable with each other, and we have had numerous reports on progress from various companies. Perhaps we will create a formal structure in due time, to those who see fit. We want to be responsible and accountable as this is no small feat. Everyone can speak for themselves here, and it seems as if most are diligently working on their projects. I think the various developers here are doing a fantastic job of balancing transparency and discretion in order collaborate and support one another while also protecting their precious investments of time and capital. For myself, I am not quite interested in creating a formal corporate structure just yet, but I am more interested in design of a good product and serving the community at large in any way possible. Without a good product, there is no business. We have a market. Now, as Steve Jobs said, and as you too are encouraging, we could form an entity with the right vision, product, design and culture. I may not be the strongest researcher or developer here, but I have a decent understanding of humanities, geography, art, languages, tax law, international law, freedom, and business.

Thank you so much for your questions, enthusiasm, encouragement, and support. Yes,

I like the way you think. You are a leader. I believe that time is coming soon.

After studying leadership and accepting the fact that I can not currently afford to pay anyone a salary here I have adopted the laissez-faire approach as I trust that everyone is doing everything in their power, in their own domain, to research and develop their own ideas, to share and collaborate as they deem necessary.

Based on previous discussions here and research, I do not think this is conducive to our project. I spent most of today researching other possibilities that I would like to discuss with all members as we move further along with design and research. I need a little bit more time to research and brainstorm the structuring, and I am hopeful for a workable solution by the end of the week, along with a coding solution for Chris in Austria.

Numerous other entities have crowdsourced an ASIC hardware/software company out of this thread in conjuncture with their existing professional networks so please do collaborate with them, us, and read this thread in its entirety to take into account what we do and don’t have. It’s real. :smiley:

I’m excited that you have found this group too!

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How is it going down in South Africa, @Dylan_Maher? I imagine you may be patiently waiting on some possible sourcing from James. Chinese new year celebration is over so we shall see what the near future holds.

What’s good down in Colombia @nathan? I’ve read that you are a DIY’er :slight_smile: Thanks for joining the discussion so early.

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Roll call for all supporters


Roll call for all supporters:


Roll call for all supporters:


Roll call for all supporters:


Roll call for all supporters:


Roll call for all supporters:


Roll call for all supporters:


I count 67 pub member supporters in our roll call sections (pub rules 10 per post) plus the 9 members and businessmen in the above reply to @MonkeyPoXXX . So, we have 76 + Mon + me = 78

This probably goes without saying, but I encourage everyone to keep track of how many minutes/hours (however you usually bill your clients) and how much capital you are spending on your research and development

Thank you for all of your previous and continued support. I’m happy to have compiled a list of everyone who has participated in one way or another, thanks to @MonkeyPoXXX for the guidance and motivation in this endeavor. I hope that everyone has had a nice start to a happy new Gregorian Calendar New Year, Happy Lunar New Year, enjoying their work, studies, rest, dreams, family time, friends, recreation, and cryptocurrencies. How is everyone doing? We are approaching the end of the first quarter of this discussion at the end of this February as we began in Nov 2017. So, we have a sort of 1 month head start before the end of the first quarter of this Gregorian calendar year :blush: :thinking: :calendar::computer::spiral_calendar::rocket::satellite: Happy new week!


Doing ok! recovering from that crazy correction and dcaing bitcoin as hard as I can! learned a lot about this space so far! really happy we have someone like Peter around to show us whats up. The dude is a crazy inspiration. Its funny how just living life to the absolute fullest can encourage others to do the same. Thanks to you all for showing me whats possible. I love this scene!


Glad you’re alright, Colt :slight_smile: Yes, that was quite the correction. That is great that you are continuing to learn. Yes, Peter is a great teacher, his knowledge, experience, wisdom, encouragement, enthusiasm and authenticity is inspiring.



Dear CvR,

I’m based in Vienna.
Thanks for your interest, but I’m sorry, due lack of knowledge I can’t do this for you… Sorry…


EDIT: check this on github… S9 cgminer already removed RPM check…
Binary is here:


Hi guys,

I looked at the PIC.txt file on the Antminer A3, and it is the same file as on D3.
This doesn’t mean anything… If I got it right, the pic of course does something about the chip temp, freuq. LED, voltage, etc… seems to be quite the same on A3 and D3, maybe also L3. I’m not sure pic.txt file is the only “program” at the PIC as the memory is bigger than it flashed file via CGminer. As the code for SIA/A3 cgminer is not public… (which is sad as cgminer is GPLv3) it’s hard to compare, but in kernl log of A3 you get the message you get the info about pic_16F1704 is used… (can be, but also could be a “fake”), it would be the same as D3/L3.

Does anybody has a hasboard picture of an A3?

Thanks and bye, FNT


Yes. Let’s do it!.



we just need to create more attractive pools. Less fee;s, more simplicity, better customer service.


Hello Queb,

I like your name, hehe. Welcome to!

Thanks for expressing your interest and advice in this project. That is really cool that you operate a small wireless internet service provider (wisp).

What do you think would make the best housing form?

Yes, I like the idea of passive cooling with liquid evaporation and I think that is more suitable for larger scale mining farms. Smaller miners could possibly be liquid cooled.

Wireless connection is another great idea. Do you think this is cost effective?

Heat recovery sounds sustainable. Someone else mentioned this idea earlier in the discussion and I'm happy that you brought it up again.

Thank you for offering your ideas :slight_smile: