Build Your Own ASIC Miner


Yes, you and @tmfnj are absolutely right. We can innovate a new pool :slight_smile: Thank you for addressing this concern and offering a solution.



Just supply a square wave frequency to the tach pin using a teensy, Arduino, or raspberry pi super simple just make sure they share a common gound


Thank you, Harrison! I hope this works for you, Chris :slight_smile:


That is just amazing!


Bravissimo bellissimo!


Check out what these guys are doing in Sweden :smiley:


Love this thread! I’ve spent months following everyones progress here and have learned so much from ya’ll.

@NODEhaven please do start up a NODEhaven thread and fill us in on some details ! I would love to know more and will gladly support in any way I can :beers:



I went ahead and created a thread under the mining section. Thank you for the invitation and the encouragement.

-Charles Dusek


Another mining company I saw on YouTube ad today :slight_smile:

Gotta research these.


I just got another email from from Bitmain saying that my parcel was shipped successfully to Monterey, Mexico…

I’m here in Florida, USA…

Still haven’t heard back from the FTC, seems like they only work on big deals. I guess I have to find more people who this may have happened to so we can organize and voice our complaints together.

Next step, get in touch with U.S. embassy and Economic officers in Honk Kong and China.



Another YouTube ad



Actually, contact the the trade division of the Chinese Embassy in your country and your country’s Chamber of Commerce in China.


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how big is the setback? why the hell did they send it to mexico?



$3258.84 USD


70.11273666 LTC

Why Mexico?



did they say they would refund you or at least make this right?