Build Your Own ASIC Miner


Absolutely fantastic work everyone.

Do you have a dedicated Telegram group for this project?

I am in SEFL myself and would love to help in some way. Running 4 ASIC’s now and awaiting components for my first 2 GPU rig builds. I am new to coding but willing to give anything a try. Focusing on Python and Rust for the moment.


Welcome @D_Yan and @tenblo :slight_smile:

We do not yet have a dedicated Telegram group for this project. I prefer to communicate here because I enjoy community and user interface. What do you think the advantages of a Telegram group compared to this would be? I am open for creating more avenues of communication, but I think this thread already has a good history of information and utility. Several people have taken this discussion elsewhere and made great progress in their projects, but I hope that everyone will continue to regroup and share here.

That is so cool that you in are in this profession :smiley:

Thanks for joining us!


I want to make sure this ASIC project is the right project for me, my family, my community, and the environment.

I have also been interested in premined blockchain projects such as ICX and ASIC resistant coins such as Ravencoin. New algorithm :slight_smile:


how much would materials cost? This would drive the cost of mining rigs so much!


According the the medium article I posted last week about Bitmain profitability, each S9 costs about $500 each in parts.


Does anybody here have good relationships with international trade attorneys in China? Preferably in Beijing, or perhaps Hong Kong. I found plenty of interesting results via google but I would appreciate it if anyone could share their experience, issue, pricing and outcome. Thanks.



Hi John,

Hi Nikolaj,

Sorry for getting back to you later, had quite a hectic week.

I am not so much into exchanging lengthy e-mails so please pardon me.

Perhaps we can meet if you happen to be in Holland or Belgium. I will treat you for dinner and we can exchange ideas/possibilities. This opportunity has to be seized asap as more parties are stepping up which could lead to the vaporization of potential profits.

Next week i am in China of which some days in Shenzhen. I will try to find out if someone i know there has some connections to key persons responsible for foundry/ic at samsung and/or tsmc. If so i bet something can be set in motion very fast. If not have to take a different approach.

Lets stay in touch.

Regards, Niels


Hello Merismus,

Ive read quite some of your comments and saw you happen to be in Shenzhen often. I like your ideas and perhaps we can kickstart the project. I would gladly treat you to dinner in Shenzhen next week so we can exchange ideas/vision. If our ideas and vision match i can introduce you to some very well connected and like minded people a day later who could help us to get something of the ground very fast.

Let me know if you are interested.


Seems like an idea.

Perhaps we can schedule a meeting or 3 (Asia, Europe, US) and find out what we have on board? Maybe some minimum requirements for participants? One thing is for sure: the best time is now.


Hello Niels,

Thanks for your thoughtful reply. No problem.

I am here in Florida for business and family until the end of March and I am planning on flying to Brussels the first week of April. If you are still around there then, sure, lets meet up for dinner to exchange ideas/possibilities. Thanks for the invite. I agree, this opportunity must be seized ASAP. I’m flattered that someone would like our ideas enough to execute on them in private.

I wish you the best in Shenzen. If you know any reputable international trade attorneys in China please ask them if they can help me secure my two ASIC miners from Bitmain. I am currently looking for international trade attorneys here in Florida as well.

Yep, we’ll be here.

John Dailey


Ps. I’m not going to study Nonprofits at University of Oregon

Really hoping for…

starting this summer.

Trying to get my miners before then.


Hi Bro,
do you have the data sheet of the BM 1387 ASIC in hands?
My CTO needs the ranges of clock speed and the different encodings (timeout:freq:reg_data).
As we are working on the underperformance of the S9 Hashboard we could exchange some important Informations.
Also required is the data sheet of the used PIC 16F1704 and wich pins are to use for programming him.
Further of interest is the chip/circuit of the power control (we want to adjust the Volts on the boards)
Awaiting your soonest reply,
I am remaining with friendly regards,


Hi Nathan.

You have chip designs at hand? Based on what size?

Liabilities will be an issue given the fact the product should have nrtl (UL) certification. Without this liability insurance will be close to impossible. If UL were “simple” like CE it wouldn’t be a big, time consuming, issue. On the other hand, if the product is safe and can be ce certified i wouldn’t worry too much. If you want to be safe either way a company registered outside the states (shipping the goods to clients in the states) would already be enough to circumvent the liability risk.


Lets meet in april then.

Regarding your bitmain issue: its a waste of time. Personally i wouldn’t bother any reputable international trade attorney in China (or elsewhere) with a small case like this.


Alright, April sounds good. I’ll keep you updated. I will be in Brussels, Antwerp could be a nice middle ground meeting place, or I may be willing to travel to Amsterdam. Let me know where would be best for you then.

Thanks for your advice. I’m going to get some free consultations with Chinese-American attorneys here in Florida. I will get repaid 7 fold :slight_smile:


Hi CvR,

PIC16F1704, whole official docu from microchip can be found here:

Coding of PIC can be simple done via e.g. PICKit3 and ICSP!
(there are 6 pin holes on the hashbaord!! use it)
Of course possible to program via extra PINs, but I see no advantage!
Also some coding is done and could be done via cgminer, as you can see in the “driver-dash.c”

BM1387, there is no official datasheet, but I also want one/it ;-))

Bye, FNT


And this is why I wish I majored in Computer Science in the late 90s. Christ I wish you guys well.


Good day I got this issue by chance and I think it’s important I’ll follow it closely maybe I can collaborate on something, I’ll luck them with the project


Thanks for sharing this :slight_smile:

I hope those whom are coding are finding these resources helpful.

Maybe we can find a BM1387 datasheet if you still need it.