Build Your Own ASIC Miner


I hear you, sir :smiley: “It’s never too late” :wink: hehe


Hey Ferk,

How’s it going? What seems to be the issue? Sure, we can collaborate if you need help.

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@FloridaWater I just joined this forum. it’s amazing and I read almost all of the messages. it took about 4 hours for me. anyway, I got my master in Cyber Security last year from GMU and like you doing my research on ASIC architecture. follow this page every day.


Hi all,

I am new to mining, but have been into the crypto space for a while.

I have no tech background, so probably I cant help with building the ASIC miner (duhh).

But, I have Finance knowledge, operational, and other skills which I think can help you guys at any stage.

Let me know if you need a hand.


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Greetings all, (1st post)
I just finished 5 hours of reading through all the posts here as well as Slack and yet to read Telegram. I’m your everyday electrician and I hope I don’t come across as brash or inconsiderate after reading what I read. What i see here is opportunity and it seems to me with all the variety of knowledge we have we should know how to approach this a little bit better. Less wordy in posts (forgive mine this one time) and stick to facts/ideas.

I’m a newbie to mining but share many of the same ideas as stated above. One thing that is boggling my mind is how everyone here isnt sold on liquid immersion. Need I state all the benefits…mainly space and cost. You could fit a hundred hash boards in the same amount of space as 10 ants. No heat sinks, no noise, no enclosure, all lined up next to one another at a small fraction of the wattage and amps regular ants. I hope everyone here has already seen this or gets to now…

My questions regarding this video would be
(If I had the time id call them… single dad)

  1. Is this a working prototype?
  2. Could we copy this board style, using
    bm1387’s and similar board (looks very
    redundant in layout. )and
    find/create a similar hash board

Whether I’m in fantasyland or not… my goal is to assemble these boards myself…paying $.10/chip and $1-$10 a board plus whatever for controller and accessories. I wanna start making $500-1k/day… as i have access to free electricity where I live. Crap, I would bank even if I had to pay for electric. I read in here that certain people have access to chips or connections to hash boards…well hook everyone here up. I just read that merismus cloned the control and hash board. Sweet! Now how can you get the material list for us to build our own asic so we wont have to pay 500-1k for a completed board. As much as I’m amazed that you were able to clone…is there any feasible way for the rest of us to build one like I said before $.10/chip and few bucks a board?

My goal is to pay what Alibaba is showing… whether true or not.

Ex. 100 boards @10$/ board
70 chips/board-7000@$.10/ chip…ect.

Let’s face it, I buy all my electronic parts from China for pennies. Again, my goal is to pay pennies for these parts. I see that some want to improve the chip…fantastic. But if it takes a lot more time to do so then maybe its not worth it for most of us who should act now. Ill settle for the bm1387 and the rest of the s9. Time is ticking…and I want my piece of the pie like everyone else here, so we have to focus on the quickest, most condensed and efficient way to mine…(create our own personall datatanks) (very easy to build the tank part btw…igloo cooler, aquarium) and typing long ass texts like this is not the way…i wanna Skype with people who wanna get moving along and exhaust all our resources to build asics…datatanks video makes most sense to me.



Is it possible to clone an Antminer S9 Hashboard 63 V2.4? I would need minimum 1000 units for first order.


This Heater Not Only Heats Your Home But Also Mines Ethereum


@Kevin_James: also my opinion, I don’t want to design chips. I’d like to buy cheap chips e.g. BM1387/samsung,etc… make a “simple” PCB layout and produce some of them.
@CvR: copy or clone should be possible. (only part I don’t know is the ADP BEN + chip) who is making the PCB layout? :wink:

I think there are some open source “controller”/programs/boards. What I understood, Avalon 7/8xx is using a Pi to control the ASICs. Bitmain is using there “own” beaglebone black board + XLINX inkl. the PIC on the hashboard. I think! the PIC is only for voltage regulation, on S7 it is 100% the case.
On S9/D3/A3 I don’t know. Does anybody has a PIC16F1704 hex dump of a D3? Then we could compare it to the hex dump of the A3…

Bye, FNT


Hey Babak,

Welcome to the pub :slight_smile: That is so cool that you have completed your masters in Cybersecurity. Congratulations! :smiley:

Four hours to read through everything here, eh? Not too bad, averaging about an hour’s read of content each month. We can always do better, though.

As others have mentioned, I suppose we could share/create more focused, detailed, and higher quality content as we continue research and development.

I am currently experimenting with negotiations in Asia, North America, Europe, Africa, hopefully Australia and South America as well. It would be great to get someone down in Antarctica on here too.

Anyway, I’m glad you’re here, thanks for joining :man_technologist:t2: Stay tuned


Hey Dervis,

Thanks for joining us and thanks for the offer 😊

Let’s do it.


Hello my friends :smiley: best wishes from switzerland :smiley:

If you need someone who can do the layout… let me know.
Also i work for an EMS company. We provide Prototyping services within 3 weeks :smiley:
If the EEs in here could provide me schematics i could get you the hardware very fast :smiley:
If you provide only gerberdata even faster :smiley:
With the schematics i could make a layout by myself…
Unfortunately im not able yet do develop it by myself… but im on it… 2 years to go XD

Have a nice evening everyone :smiley:


Hey Kevin James,

Welcome, I’m glad to have an electrician on board with a can do attitude. Yes, I agree and appreciate with your frank and helpful advice. I am attempting to revisit the thread here less frequently so that more people will feel more free to contribute.

I am trying to post less, at least without first contemplating it for a day or two as to if the information is truly relevant and helpful. Sometimes we make some connections that others may not see.

Thank you for sharing the YouTube video. Very “cool” mining setup :sweat_drops::blush: You may have already seen this one too then, but for all:

I like the open source conversation here, I think it’s kind of weird that NODEhaven would start a separate slack channel and then not even allow me into the private channel. Like, I’m kind of a nobody, but at least I had the courage to start the discussion when everybody was still naysaying. This is all about proof of work, leap frogging development, though.

I’ve been brainstorming legal/entity frameworks to bring our global efforts together and foster trust. I’m planning to travel and meet some potential partners to establish trust and investigate partnerships, infrastructure, marketing, and logistics.

I have to admit, no offense to anyone here, but WhatsApp and Skype invitations just seem sketchy to me (EDIT: there are necessary and good tools, sorry for the skepticism), like so many online scams out there these days. The pub works well for me, as long as we can all read and write. We can share videos and hyperlinks to other threads too, so everyone can see.

I had numerous deaths happen over the course of the last weeks so I’m honestly feeling a bit depressed. I’m glad y’all are here to keep it going, trying to keep this thing going.

What is legacy?


Ps. My Skype is JohnJDailey if you want to add me I would love to chat with you and discuss ideas.


Hey Sascha Schafer,

Welcome to the pub :slight_smile: I love to see all of the smilies :smiley: from someone offering technical solutions. You just made my day :smile: Onward, it should be a good next two years.



Hey FNT,

Always good to see you here and thanks so much for the detailed responses to Chris and all. I am still waiting on two D3’s but when I get them I will donate them the cause.



This is cool, thanks for sharing! Although this is done with GPU’s, I can see how it could be applied to ASIC’s with a muffler :hotsprings::slight_smile:


Happy Monday Everyone,

Some people may dread Mondays, but we embrace them as another day to pursue our dreams, the beginning of another great week. Thanks for visiting and joining us here.

This week, as we plug through our various tasks, we should all know our roles by now (if you don’t know, just ask yourself, or someone else), I’m going to be sharing some links you may or may not find relevant to this project. You don’t have to read them, you can just keep scrolling if you prefer purely technical solutions.

As we celebrate our accomplishments, reflect on any setbacks or challenges, and prepare ourselves for another quarter, let’s open our minds to the possibilities and full potential of our open source concerted efforts and project.

Thanks so much for being here and collaborating, it really means a lot to me.