Build Your Own ASIC Miner



Let’s go deep and wide, y’all.


Thanks dude :smiley:
It seems as you have the engineering power to develop the product in this discussion :smiley: which is very nice… if you would like to follow the open source idea i could do the layout so people can do the etching by themselfs :smiley: or you could let us manufacture some prototypes :smiley: therefore a croudfunding would be nice so devs can measure out if everything works as it should or not on the prototypes… or if there is some potential for optimisation :smiley: or if we get some EMV issues… or you know… things that can happen XD anyway… ill start reading things and keep you up-to date :smiley: we actually also could let manufacture our own ASICs… therefore we would need to design them… and take at least 10k pieces if i remember right :smiley: its quiet expensive but maybe worth it after a certain point… :smiley:


Sascha Scharer,

Okay, that's it. Exactly. Thank you, I was just thinking that outside. Thank you for the :grinning: bullets lol:star_struck: so I can understand it all. SO much to do, lets get it done. :smiley: Today I am continuing reading and research for the most strategic launch. Also, just doing :relaxed:

Would you like to join me in the new Slack channel? Just to experiment with a new interface to decentralize topics of conversation. :slight_smile:



Hey guys, I posted most of the random links I wanted to share with y’all this week in the new slack group, so check them out there if you are interested in a little reading.

Let’s get organized! :slight_smile:

I am planning on perusing through our last few months history here and organizing the links and discussions into different channel topics so they are perhaps more digestible. I have also created some private channels where I am hoping to connect some key ideas with co founders, advisors, developers, investors, marketing, sales, CRM, etc.


Hey Niels,

How is it going? I heard back from a reputable international trade attorney in Miami today and she charges $500 for the first hour consultation. I am missing $3000 worth of mining equipment so I think I know what you mean now. I was a little taken back at first thinking you were pessimistic, but seems quite realistic. I am going to inquire at the University of Florida Law School for help before I leave in Florida this month. I will be in Brussels for the first two weeks of April but I should be free to travel a bit during the second half of the month. I’m looking forward to it and continuing to network, research, and brainstorm until then. Still hope to meet you then.



Does anybody here have contact info and decent relationship with Roger Ver? My friend suggested I reach out to him today on Twitter for my miners. I sent him a brief message and invite on LinkedIn today. It could be cool to work with him. I am following him on Twitter but I can only DM him if he follows me too. Does Roger Ver follow anybody here on Twitter? Let’s link up :smiley:


Hi Merismus

How the is asic board progress. I’m following with keen interest in asic building.

Sorry for my bad English.


ASIC internship available in Santa Clara, CA if you are a Senior with major in Electrical engineering, computer engineering or related major. Graduate student preferred.

This is an internship to aspire to in about a year for me if I can continue to build the right knowledge base in time.

Go for gold :slight_smile: hehehe

Mixed reviews on Marvell, but hey, we all have to start somewhere :wink:


Not to sound pushy toward anyone, but anyone make any progress? Nobody has said anything for a week. Time is ticking and difficulty is skyrocketing


Hello everyone,

I am interested in mining for a quite long, owning a batch of S9s and doing some researches just for fun. I have strong experience is software development. Working right now as an engineer for Motorola Solutions Inc. in Poland dev center. Probably, will relocate to California soon.

I had hands on experience in working with hardware, raspberry, arduino, soldering, designing circuits and connecting different components. But I do not have experience designing chips, despite that fact that I was graduated in computer science and we had a lot of theory for building and designing microprocessors at student times.

It is great to see an initiative for an open source ASIC. I have spend a bit of time reading this thread, and would like to share my personal thoughts about this topic.

I would like to clarify from very beginning that next opinions and thoughts are personal and thus very subjective, I do not want to cut your wings guys nor hurt anyone in any manner. I always thing that I am a positive and open person.

So here are my thoughts:

  1. I like the idea of making ICO for open source ASIC, it sounds really cool to me. But this goal looks so complex, and without having a team of hands on ASIC designers it is impossible to achieve that in my opinion. We should find some hardware designers from Samsung, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Mediatek, Intel, NVidia, AMD or other similar companies to achieve that. And give those guys a reason to work with us, money is not always an option.

  2. Cloning an ASIC chip looks even more problemprone to me. I recall some Soviet technology for cloning Intel’s first processors by cutting chip layer by layer, one nanometer at a time. It is insane to achieve something like that, but not impossible :slight_smile: Another option for clone is to steal chip design and ask TSMC or GlobalFundries to produce it for us, I strongly advice to avoid even looking to this direction, as it is not legal, and potentially could bring you so many problems in future.

  3. Also found many ideas of buying ASIC chips and build hashing boards by your own. I think that it is not an option as well. Designing board circuit and soldering chips should be realy easy, but, probably, you wan’t get cheap ASIC chips. Even if you find a way how to buy these chips, which is a bit gray way as well, I think that total price of the miner would be close to the original one. Think of that in this way: if this would be profitable we would see a lot of cheap miner clones at the market.

So it was my critics :slight_smile: I hate to give critics, but I think that it was my duty :slight_smile: Elon Mask has proved that one can build a rockets without having professional expertise in it, but he has huge financial potential behind him.

My advice is to start from something simple, then you have chances to success in it.

Every idea stays around some problem, actually problem generates an idea.

I liked very much the idea of making liquid cooled miner, because there are so many people having loud miners in their apartments, and there are crazy projects around that. But I have also some concerns about using that system for a very long time, as if liquid cooler is placed in not completely closed system, after contacting with an air for a long time it stays conductive, thus making risk for your expensive mining equipment. But I believe that it is possible to achieve that.

So here are my ideas where probably one can look, without having super expertise knowledge or team behind him:

  1. Make miners silent, or comfortable to keep at home, there is so high demand for this. So you can sell a kit for miners and earn really great money on it. Remember when there is a gold rush, shovel accessories sellers takes the profit :slight_smile: Actually I have some prototype at my home, that probably worth 60-70$ that decrease sound from 72db to 40db. It is some way of alternative cooling that does not take a lot of place. I have pass the way of bypassing S9 fan protection, I saw that this topic was mentioned in this thread some time ago, I do not know whether it is still relevant, but I can share details if needed. Thinking about putting that to production, and would happily accept any help, cofounders, partners, whoever would like to participate. Idea is to create different kits for miners, making them silent, safe, monitorable and so on.

  2. Also some time ago I’ve saw an idea of putting a heat generated by a miner back to use. Like heating a woter or home. With liquid cooling it should be simple to achieve. I am thinking, what about making a small electricity station for example from 10 miners, and put that electricity back to miners :slight_smile: it would be a real best seller for mining farms. Even accepting that fact that heat to electricity efficiency is around 50-60%.

Also having not commercial charity idea that is related to crypto, but I am not sure that it will be interesting here, planing to start an open source project soon, if anyone is interested would be happy to discuss.

That’s it guys, sorry for such a long post, as I said please do not keep my critics personally, it is just my subjective critics, maybe it would be useful for someone, in other situations treat it as useless :slight_smile:

Thumbs up for your initiative, if I can help you with something, I am here for your disposition.


Sorry, but only your statement regarding recuperation of thermal energy shows, that you have nearly no physic knowledge. Prototypes of Peltier elements are capable to produce up to maximum 1000W and researchers hope to develop soon more powerful elements and find a way to a commercial mass production …


When I said electricity recuperation, I mean to find some cheap liquid with low boiling temperature and make some kind of compact steam turbine. I didn’t investigate this idea so far, just expressed my thoughts. It is great to receive a feedback on it from real experts.


Even steam turbines are not very efficient and quite expensive.


I think that it is easy to find efficiencies of steam turbines on the internet… I believe that it should be possible to achieve at least 40% efficiency even with small single stage turbine. I think that the main problem here is the price of a complete system and the actual ROI, as I mentioned earlier, I didn’t investigate that idea so much, I do not have expertise in steam turbines. I appreciate any thoughts and comments on that, but it is not my goal to build such system or prove to anyone that it is a great idea.


I’m trying to get in touch as well. We are start up company in Ohio. Trying to provide installations to average people. However that’s not realistic with prices. I’ve had contacts with bitfury which will not sell to U.S due to contract with chip manufacture. Monopoly. Bitmain same just don’t sell for distributors. Avalon to expensive and in efficient to operate in a home installation. Our biggest problem is supply not demand. So if there is a way for my company to contribute let me know where to start


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This guide is pretty helpful with resources to getting my own miner built. ASICS is one of the most difficult one to make, and that is why companies like Bitmain charge such a premium.


Did somebody mention Liquid Cooling?