Build Your Own ASIC Miner


Yepp, but more like big application - not gimmick :wink:


Hi Everyone,
We are a group of seven individuals with various work background ranging from digital power control and distribution (for electrical sub-station), project management (planning and execution of electrical sub-stations construction), cyber security (Red Hat and Kali based), Enterprise network management and coding.

We are interested in the concept of open-source ASIC Miners and we are ready to provide any kind of support to anyone needs.



Dear all,

This is a great post! My background is in Computer Hardware, Infrastructure, Data centers and my day job consists of delivering IT Projects and close financial scrutiny.

I have been researching on ASIC mining build for the last few months purely because I have enjoyed building mining equipment.

My curiosity and research led to ASIC (I have been a GPU’er before)

I am based in UK and I believe if a group of serious and pssionate builders (with various skills) come together, we can really build our own miners.

As for legality and all those issues, I have already worked out and its fairly easy in UK and I have good advisors who can assist further.

My question for you guys is if there is a Telegram or Slack channel where we can mobilise and start conversing and secondly holding a company in UK is fairly easy compared to US and also serves as gateway to Europe. I also have contacts in Dubai and Far East.

I am also visiting China to speak to some engineers but that is out ot my own curiosity and partially because I come from a family where trading with China has been a norm.

Please let me know and I hope to hear from you guys, this is achievable…together however we can achieve it even quicker.



#433’s_theorem_(thermodynamics) You can’t possibly get more than 10-16% efficiencies with the temp deltas miners are capable of producing, and that’s theoretical. Actually producing a turbine on a sub megawatt scale will be at best 1-4 % efficient, but the cost of the turbine would never be recovered. Physics is a bitch.


How are you getting an S9 down to 40db with only 50-70$ of additional cost? I’m very interested. We’re bringing a single blade down to that noise level with about $300 of additional equipment. We’ll( be selling these at the end of the month.


Getting chips from anyone that is not yourself will not happen for 0.10$ a chip, even if you could get the chips from bitmain, which is impossible, I’ve been trying every avenue for pretty much 2 years, no one will sell you chips.

Only recently did I find an ASIC manufacturer willing to sell just chips and not force us to buy their hash boards. Not sure how much is technically under the NDA but I’ll say that they have two altcoin ASICs and one chip we are paying 12.5$ per chip and the other we are paying $30. The only practical way to have a competitive miner without some sort of heat reuse is to make your own ASIC. The market may change though if there starts to be more competition, it could drive more companies to sell ASICs directly to third parties because it will have larger margins than complete miners, but that’s a big if with the current price climate.


Yes, you are right, didn’t know that efficiency depends so much on heat temperature that system can produce, as I said it was just a quick idea, that died very fast :slight_smile:


Focusing on alt coin would be the best move - if we believe fundamentally in the block chain, there are many options.

If we focus on altcoin - we are not held to ASIC that way - GPU mining is possible, the block chains are easier… wouldn’t ya say ?


Efficient cooling using 3M NOVEC Engineered Fluids

Guys if you’re looking for a cooling solution look at this, it’s very efficient and has been proven in the field to provide the best possible value in many aspects.


Hi there,
as we are successfully overvolting the BM1387 ASIC on our S9 Hashboards, we would urgently need valid specification of the max. Voltage which the ASIC chip accepts without “burning”.
The max Volt with the 22nm BM1385 is 1,2V
Currently we are running with 0,940V @925MHz without HW errors
thx in advance


Hey Chris, have you tried slowly turning up your voltage while measuring the heat with a meter?


no, we didn´t
as we are immersed cooling the S9, our temperature is ever pretty same
we do not suffer heat problems, we would need to know the max possible
by specification


Okay, maybe you could isolate a small amount of chips in liquid, and turn up the voltage slowly while monitoring temperature with a laser heat meter. Classic science, trial and error. I don’t think the specs will mean much considering they were designed for air cooling.



“Push it to the limit”


Pss. I saw Merismus posted on Twitter yesterday via his GoGoMining account. He was a good lead on spec. data. Perhaps offer him dinner at a less busy Michelin restaurant, hehehe. I miss James.


I’m posting this mostly for the visual dissection and components purposes for those interested.

Also, try watching in 1.5 speed. The music sounds better like that.


Moving along, this video is better imo because it has an informative narrative.

Keep your hashboards clean, y’all. Keep them bathed them in Novec liquid, if possible. I would argue its better for your boards, better for your electricity bill, and better for our environment.


@Chris, according to the hashboard video above, you should be able to get all of the specs from Bitmain. Please write to them and ask if you are still looking for that. Best of luck with that.



If you’re wondering how to dissect your S9 properly: