Build Your Own ASIC Miner


We are about to acquire Bitmain.


who is “we”?
“we” is going to overtake Bitmain?


Sorry, that part is protected under NDA.


So I’ve read this whole thread anyway and I have to say although some posts contained useful information, I still had to repeatedly cringe at the naivety and ignorance of other posts. I don’t want to sound pretentious or anything but even putting it into consideration that it might be possible to found a company that could compete against large ass government founded Chinese corporations that hold a monopoly of a whole industry while having little or no experience in any related field is pretty damn stupid.

I think the posts made by a dlethe, Dr.No and Igor_Lutsyk analysis in that regard were pretty spot on.

dlethe’s posts:

Dr.No’s post:

Igor_Lutsyk’s post:

user @merismus said some pretty interesting things for example:


THIS is that kind of inside knowledge i’d sell my kidneys for. Seriously.

Also @nathan said he got an ASIC chip design ready for production. I (and I’m sure others too) would like to hear how that turned out.

This thread is pretty dead at this point but maybe someone could post some of the things that were posted in the slack group and the discord server?

This is the only place on the whole fucking internet that I could find where the construction of an “DIY ASIC miner” was seriously discussed and still this site is ranked pretty high in the google searches so it might be a good idea to make a “summary post” for someone who stumbles upon this thread but doesn’t want to read all 463 posts. I would really appreciate it if others, who posted their ideas here earlier this year, would give a quick rundown on how their company or project is going.


I think OP was just joking. lol
(He might as well just went full delusional idk)


neW UseRs cAn OnLy meNtiOn 2 oThER UseRs iN tHeiR pOst.

I wasn’t sure whether I should love or hate this websites design but now I’m definitely gonna hate it. :upside_down_face:

I hope that I don’t have to tag or reply to all the users who posted here, in order to get them to see my text.


Yeah, I got a notification for your text reply. Thanks for the reply!


As I know from some design service provider, the newest 7nm design is available. Anyone can raise funds($15m+) to tape out the chip could contact me.


yeah ok i actually have $20m lying under my mattress. let’s do it.


Loving the can do attitude. Let’s face it, there are plenty of people out there with the technical knowledge for this project, and plenty more with the $15-20 million you are requesting. The subtle difference between the dreamers and the doers, is that out of all of the people with or without the knowledge, capabilities, and resources, some people actually choose to JUST DO IT.


You were all just trolling the whole time, right? Damn it!


I mean, what happened to Nike’s value since the recent controversial ad campaign? This thread is controversial by nature. Like the Nike ad campaign, take it however you want it. Whether that be with ego, modesty, compassion, emotion, rational, trolling, or intention. Look for the data. Look for the truth. You can do whatever set your mind to. You can be whoever you want to be.


Is this talk of manufacturing still going on. Its 22days now.