Building an online Poker Room on DODGE BlockChain

I was thinking about an online poker room for the world to use on the block-chain.

I think DODGE would be a great fit .

Online poker has a very large community .

I think Peter and the team could make this happen .

Block-chain is the answer to decentralize the online poker world.

Would love to manifest this idea and crush POKERSTARS


There’s already someone creating a Poker Room for the pub.

I love the idea, my only obstacle is having to go through the process of getting their BCP tokens.

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I like your idea of Dogecoin better!


Ya its a great fit for DODGE , plus we want DODGE to go to the moon . I have worked in Poker for over 15 years and never seen anything like this before. If you live in the U.S.A you can not play online for money at POKERSTARS .

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See this - - Being done by a very smart group of people.

Consensys is behind it.

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DODGE is a gamer coin.
I like Ethereum but its not fun like DODGE.
The gamers have much DODGE and need to use it .
They use it on TWITCH

Ethereum is more of a business type blockchain , plus it has a GAS fee.
DODGE conformations are lightning fast and no Gas fee .

Guys think outside the box , every business has competition.
Lets build much DODGE

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I’ve never heard of dodge coin. What is this new coin you speak of???


Peter , I support you 100% and love what your doing for the community .

If your looking to collaborate , just reach out to me, my door is always open for you and the family .

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Looks like some serious money was dumped in to this but the only thing that worries me is i see no team member with a background in the poker industry. Just founders/co-founders of Ethereum with help from block-chain engineers.

Knowing how to spread a game will make or break a poker room .

If you don’t have the correct format its a fail and nobody will play on the platform .

I was watching Pokerstars from it’s start and that is why they are number 1 .
Pokerstas was built by people in the poker industry Not internet engineers.

This is why I have mixed felling on this new platform .

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Hi, i just want to say… that BCP tokens will be used in future, if club will gain more popularity. For now, any crypto is accepted, BTC, DOGE etc… You can join for free and first tournament with real prizes will be held when club reaches 9 playes. (4 more needed). If club members will not adopt the idea of BCP tokens, we will use any other cryptocurrency for tournaments! For example if tournament buy-in is 5$, then players can pay 5$ equivalent in crypto they prefer to use. Also i must say that US players are also welcomed since pokerstars “playmoney” games are allowed for everyone! Of course there are many other poker platforms, but as you know pokerstars is the biggest and have a great security! On newly created platforms you can never know if players are cheating, teamplaying, using bots etc… :wink: :spades::hearts::diamonds::clubs:

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