Business Plan? How?

Hey @peter,

I see that you are pivoting to the venture capital world (venture media). I thought that maybe you could help me understand how do you present your idea to investors in order to get funding. I guess that having a strong business plan and fully understanding the business that you want to attack is key. However, I have no idea how a business plan should look like. What should be included? What is useless or what is a must? What do they care about besides making money? Is there a standard format that I should follow or expected (for the business plan)? What questions should I ask myself to cover all angles? What things should I avoid?

Since you have previous experience in this vc world, maybe you could share an example. If you can point me to a website with any information that you think is helpful, man! that will be appreciated.

My apologies if these are stupid questions. I was thinking about this in my corporate cage.



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