Business Plan? How?

Hey @peter,

I see that you are pivoting to the venture capital world (venture media). I thought that maybe you could help me understand how do you present your idea to investors in order to get funding. I guess that having a strong business plan and fully understanding the business that you want to attack is key. However, I have no idea how a business plan should look like. What should be included? What is useless or what is a must? What do they care about besides making money? Is there a standard format that I should follow or expected (for the business plan)? What questions should I ask myself to cover all angles? What things should I avoid?

Since you have previous experience in this vc world, maybe you could share an example. If you can point me to a website with any information that you think is helpful, man! that will be appreciated.

My apologies if these are stupid questions. I was thinking about this in my corporate cage.



Hey! Some months ago I also have these questions, but luckily I came across cold calling and I was able to build my own business without investors. This tool helped me a lot in selling my product and also it improved my selling skills, because I am always talking with my customers and I know their preferences. It gives you always new customers that don’t have any idea about your product. In the beginning, it is difficult, but you get used to it very quickly. Now, I am very proud of my company and its sales.

Thank you! sir, anything that helps is always welcome

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