Button pop ups soooo annoying

so annoying, so distracting, seems so cartoonish/aolish of the site. seems so 2010, it makes it hard to even hit the create topic button, it hides the text of other peoples posts. So gay…
why not just post like everyone else.


I’m assuming you mean the new pop up for the Yum app.

We must grow. We must be transparent. We must execute. We must expand.


it looks stupid and cheap, the site is confusing and busy enough, so 2010, over busy, apple like - it is not.


Fair enough. You may not be the “user” we are aiming for.
We cannot win everyone. Frankly. Anytime you do anything it’ll piss people off.

I appreciate you candor and willing to share.
However we don’t have enough data at this point to make an informed decision.

We shall keep it as we collect data. Thanks for being here and please hodl.


good luck, your right , i am not the sucker you are looking for…

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Where did you get the yum application?

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We’re a new forum & trying out new things. We sincerely appreciate when a person shares their thoughts. There was no intention to make things difficult for you. All I ask is for your understanding and patience.


That isn’t ideal. Baby steps of incremental improvement based on feedback though isn’t it.

Maybe the top-right would be better. Now, let me just carefully click this Reply button…


@peter, @john: @wpgsteve has a point about how the popup blocks practical use of the site.

It can be better executed. Perhaps moved to the right side instead of left side. See how it looks on my screen. I can’t read without figuring out how to close this popup out.

The contents within the popup cannot be effectively read without using both horizontal and vertical scrollbars, so some minor styling issues there to improve readability of the message.

Also look at the editor. I can’t read what I’m typing behind @john’s badge and the “reply” button is mostly masked:




Yes… Not to disappoint you, guys, but I agree. When I first saw it, I was like “WTF!”. But then I got accustomed to it… Since, I’m reading mostly, it does not bother me that much. But yeah… It would be nice, if @John could move this notification to the right bottom corner, if this is possible.

@Peter, I fully understand your concern that you want to gather a whole lot of info, and ok with that. But please make your design not interfering with core features. By that I mean notification icon and reply button. =)

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It’s maybe about 60% too big as well.

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I think it really depends on the screen size. Maybe it just needs a bit of tweaking.

As you can see on my screen it is completely out of the way. I do not mind the cartoonish look as it fits the theme of Cryptoyum which I am only guessing this is meant to go with.


I’ll take a look.

I don’t see the “gay” part of this all though @wpgsteve:neutral_face:


I wish I had your patience…


It looks like most of the legit complaints come from it covering up the functionality of the site. Is there possibly a way to adjust it for the device that it is being viewed on?

I am in that party with you @john


Man… why you gotta puke all over my work? I’m having a rough day as it is. At least be constructive, if you can, you know? Or maybe just civil.

I will do some tests tonight to make it better. If I can’t, I will remove it.

Thanks for bringing it up.


It’s too bad some people are so easily butthurt for a minor usability issue. Thank you Peter and John for all that you do for this site. Dropping knowledge and sharing the wealth.

Anyhow, I did some investigating with the styling and for the #ph-upcoming-widget id, changing the margin to 0 0 285px 0; The 285px does the adjustment for the margin-bottom which will make it so that the widget no longer hovers on top of the Reply button.



For reference, this is what I see.

So I just didn’t have that problem… but, for smaller screens, it is a problem…


I agree John, there are much better ways to give constructive criticism than people just being rude. I for one, and probably most people here appreciate the hard work you put in on the PUB. Thank you for that. How can things grow and be made better without change sometimes?


Please refresh and let me know what you see… and if it’s better.

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