Can anyone suggest a Crypto friendly CPA or tax advisor?


Hi everyone!

I’m new to Crypto and want to make sure that I keep the IRS happy. I’m hoping someone here can help me find someone who can help me file my taxes. I’m often in California and Nevada however, I’m considering moving to Puerto Rico.

Any feedback is much appreciated!!


I realize it’s a big ask, I’ve been exploring other threads on the topic and there is some good information out there. If anyone has a similar question I definitely recommend checking out some of the other conversations.


I’d recommend myself but I am not on that side of the country for face to face meetings. I mainly operate remote but I do understand the need to see someone face to face.
Check to see if Peter is in that area or maybe he knows someone.


I have used for the last fiscal year, they are based in San Francisco but you can communicate with their CPAs online/over the phone. Quite competitive pricing too and offer free audit assistance (if it ever comes to that). They were a bit slow to lodge my tax return but to be fair I did contact them in mid-April.


That’s awesome! Thank you @hades I will check them out!