Can someone explain these microtransactions of 1 cent to me?

Looking at GDAX - going to put some money in and play with it next payday - (B90X day 15 goal)

I’ve been watching the page - digging it - the roller coaster

Here’s what I’m wondering - what is the point of the tremendous number of very smal BTC/USD transactions for 0.00000157 btc

like 20-50% of the trade history at any given time are for that amount or there about - sometimes I see it go up to like .00000171 or 00000170 - but it’s usually a good chunk of the trades and it’s gotta be the same person cause it’s too specific a fraction I would think for it to be a bunch of folks

Are they trying to move prices thru a 1 penny purchase? I feel like the market would have something built in for that - I can understand setting up something to buy when the price drops below such and such a cost, but not at say, one penny 10k times a day

Just curious - want to understand more before I start trading and THAT doesn’t make sense to me yet

it also occurred to me that could be the company’s cut registering as a micro transaction for facilitating the trade but I just wanted to see if anyone knew specifics

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