Can we sponsor a NACAR driver again? (Dogecoin)


It’d be awesome to do this again :slight_smile:


Its a cool idea, and good coverage.

Ive been thinking about this lately too. I race cars here in Australia and I wan’t to try and make the step up to a national race series. To do this would be expensive (around $200,000-$250,000 for the new car and get me through the year), and I don’t have that kind of money.

Most drivers/teams in national series are funded by sponsors they acquire, which is my next step. But its hard to find sponsors willing to give you money to race a car and my (and most drivers) chances of snagging one is slim, even if you are very talented and motivated.

I have been lately toying with the idea to look towards the Crypto community and business for sponsorship to help me get into the series, one that will be broadcast on national TV as a support category to Australia’s most popular championship. Its good coverage, in a new, interesting category that will have many eyes on it. I am yet to make a start on putting together a plan to attempt this, but it is something I would like to try.

My other idea is a coin idea. Sponsorships in are often hard to find, and connecting business who want advertising or to be involved in certain sports with Athletes/Teams doesn’t seem to be something that is very easy to do. What if there was a coin and platform that allowed business and athletes to connect with each other for sponsorships, using the coin as a method to transfer the sponsorship quickly and easy? Doesn’t have to be strictly athletes either, could be anything. Could the contracts/specifics of a sponsorship deal be stored in the blockchain somehow? May be a crazy idea, and I am relatively new to Crypto, but might be an interesting concept? Or could be complete crap, Im just spitballing here.


Thats similar to what I have been pondering lately, a way to engage the car community.

I relayed this thread to someone I know @ PIVX and who is also in Australia. I know they have been doing sports team sponsorships.
Maybe we can get a PIVX car. :slight_smile:


I think its definitely a way to get exposure of the Crypto technology out to an Audience that may not otherwise hear about it. I would also be beneficial if the Athlete, Race Driver, whatever was actually interested in the tech and able to be an ambassador for it rather than it just being a random sponsor.

Just checked out PIVX, looks like a solid coin. Great to see some Australian based ones popping up.