Canada - Quadriga WARNING


Just a heads up for fellow Canadian’s who use Quadriga. I tried to withdraw a dividend but the transfer has been in limbo for FIVE WEEKS now. Completely unacceptable.

The transfer was marked “pending” for an entire month, and finally last week they initiated it. I had to email repeatedly, basically threatening them. I’m confident that it will process soon, but the delays have certainly caused unnecessary stress and inconvenience.

If you do use Quadriga, stick to the online banking option. This sum was pretty sizable, so I opted for the EFT to save on fees, but I’m definitely regretting that now.

We want crypto to overtake banks, and yet we’re stuck using banks as an intermediary… the irony. :rage:


Good to know, Thanks


What bank are you transferring too? Cause all withdrawals are working on my end, using RBC.

Darcy C


The transfer finally went through. It took 5.5 weeks. :weary:

What transfer method were you using? This was an EFT, as I didn’t want to pay the fees on transferring $10k or so.


Hmm thanks for the heads up as I use QuadrigaCX and Kraken right now. Anyone have a recommendation on a good exchange to use as QuadrigaCX has very few options and the fees are insane for trading. It is also extremely simplistic and to be honest I’ve outgrown it. Kraken is ok and I’m quite comfortable with it but I dislike the format while trading a big pain to check the spread and doesn’t subtract the amount of coin already tied up in current trades so always looking for a calculator. If I had a few hundred coins be a non issue but again trading pairs are limited though I do like the low trading fees. One thing of note QuadrigaCX generally has a higher crypto/fiat value compared to Kraken if selling for CAD I’d transfer ETH, XBT/BTC To QuadrigaCX then convert to CAD.