Canadian bitcoin addicts anonymous (cbaa)


Hello! Just figured I would open up the Forum to all my Fellow Canadians!
Anyone else feel free to come by Grab a Poutine, eat some Maple Smoked Salmon and Get your Hockey Pucks Signed!

First off. Where Ya from?
West coast here!


First discussion, (feels like im talking to myself right now lol)
What are your long term Hodls?
Have you picked up any Canadian-Specific Coins or would you?
How long have you been into Bitcoin and Have you ever used it while Traveling Abroad?
CDN vs BTC how do u feel? (its probably a given but im always curious)



From Ontario, living in Alberta right now

Got into bitcoin and crypto in May. started doing some GPU mining then realised there is actually some very good reasons to buy Crypto. I have been addicted to it since then.

Don’t own any Canadian coins unless you count ethereum, haven’t travelled abroad to spend it yet.


Sweet!! Welcome!
BC here!


where do you buy your bitcoins?


Personally i find it best to Accumulate them over time.
But if its super low Quadriga is amazing!
Heres my referral link if you feel like signing up :slight_smile:
Theyre the most trusted in canada that i know of. Other than that there are lots of Bitcoin ATM


I use them too, but right now my interac online is limited to only $100 a day.
So right now it’s better for me to use coinbase even with the fees. Plus i have noticed that the prices on quadriga aren’t very dynamic. I saw bitcoin dip to around $3600 US and the price on quadriga hardly budged at all. Probably because most Canadians were asleep at the time.


Hey man, I’m in Kamloops BC, bought back in oct 2015 at $315. but did not really get going until this year, have a little LTE, BTC , ETH, and EOS on my Exodus Wallet. Also, bought some NEO on the Chinese Exchange Binance cuz I think it’ll be big especially since Peter informed us of a big institutional investment in NEO over there. Let me know if you find an exchange with lower fees, cheers.


Your Canadian welcome is absolutely priceless! The best part is; only a Canadian would truly appreciate how clever it is :slight_smile:


Nice to see Kamloops here as well. :slight_smile: I am so new to all this, so it will take me awhile to wrap my brain around all there is to learn.


Welcome to Alberta!!! I’m in Edmonton. WBU?


Cold Lake, been living here about a year and a half


Welcome Angela & Eldgar, you can buy BTC on with e-trans, but again the fees are high, I’m waiting for a good CDN exchange with reasonable fees and easy access, someone should develop it soon to meet the growing demand.cheers.


Hey Welcome everyone!
I Highly recommend QuadrigaCX:
For all Canadians wishing to get Bitcoin, BCash, Litecoin, Eth.
Not only are they the most trusted in Canada, but you have the choice to fund using Interac online straight from your online banking (only 4 accepted though) or Wire Transfer. There are a bunch of other options too but those are quickest :slight_smile:

Also For anyone that signs up using that referral link on Quadriga If you are waiting for Verification If you msg me your ID and I can msg it to the staff direct to get them to manually verify your account ahead of the line (sometimes can take days to verify if theyre super busy) or if by some chance you encounter any issues :slight_smile:


Heya, from Manitoba myself born and raised.

What im hodling right now is BTC (obviously), NEO, and OMG. Would be nice to have more money to spread around and diversify, but gotta work with what you got right?

I’ve known about bitcoin since 2012 after reading a small article on it, but since i was a teenager my parents wouldn’t let me use their credit card to buy in, I even told them I would be paying them but they thought it was a waste and just a scam; needless to say i’m not letting any more opportunities slip through my fingers. I decided to pull the trigger this year and dive right in and haven’t looked back since. :slight_smile:


Welcome fellow Canadian. You’ve certainly come to the right place. So glad to have you here.


Yay Canada! I’m Canadian, but living in Texas.

I miss home. :slight_smile:


Oh wow, where in Canada? I’m in Alberta. Have you had any rain damage where you are?


Born in Edmonton then moved to and grew up in Vancouver when I was 9, so I kind of consider both of them my home town(s).

I’m currently living in the North Dallas area, so I’ve been lucky enough to not be affected by the hurricane shenanigans. Bullet dodged I guess.


I think Vancouver is where most of us here in Edmonton would love to live. Unfortunately, the cost of living is far too high for most to live the same lifestyle as we do, here.
So glad you weren’t affected by the hurricane. :grin: