Canadian bitcoin addicts anonymous (cbaa)


Canada :maple_leaf::maple_leaf::maple_leaf::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts:


I live in Ottawa, and I’m curently invested in NEO/Omise heavily. I believe very much in both projects.


Saskatchewan born & raised


Vancouver based…need crpyto gains to afford to live here.

I use Quadrigacx, but more and more leaning away from it. Too many bots running im there imo. I’ve opened accounts with Kraken, Gemini and a few others.

Anyone else from VanBC?


VanBC (Lynn valley) here! @604crypto I definitely understand your pain with the whole living situation here… God damn… Thanks for all the great advice. I am going to look into QuadrigaCX.

I have known about bitcoin since 2011 and thought about purchasing. I was in a first year computer science class and the person who sat next to me was mining it and was super excited. Haven’t seen what he is up to, but I am sure he is pretty thrilled :stuck_out_tongue: . Unfortunately I never pulled the trigger until May 2017. I have been watching it for a while though. It is great to see fellow Canadians :slight_smile:


Definitely sign up with my Ref link and i can msg Quadriga team to speed up your Verification Process :slight_smile:


Maple Ridge here! Currently using coinsquare but not super happy with it… high fees.


Vancouver Here! Any of you guys… 420 friendly? :smiley:


Whoop whoop!! Hello and welcome to our own piece of the cryptonation!! So nice to have you here. Where are you living? :slight_smile:


Haha, you will be known as BC Bud :grin:
I am 420 friendly; have no problems with it. I just don’t do it.


Maple Ridge is a beautiful place. Super cool to have you here. :slight_smile:


Not in Canada yet, but BC is on my moon goal.


If the moon is your goal, you’re in the right place!! :sunglasses:
It’s so fun meeting other Canadians.


Hey CryptoCanadians. I was out kayaking today, on my way home stopped to photograph this Bitcoin Buffalo. :grin:


I just got all verified on Quariga, only to then waste another week finding out that when I was ready to fund, they needed Void and signed Auth. Urgh. That was frustrating. It all happened in steps which delayed the process. The good news is, that the market is falling, so I will be making a better entry. :slight_smile: Toronto here.


coinbase the fees are a bit higher but it’s more convenient, people are also selling crypto on quadriga 1 or 2% higher than it should be sometimes.

I had to open a new account with RBC just to make online interac transactions, still have to wait 2 months just to send more than $100, and there is a minimum $5 fee. so right now it is cheaper for me to use coinbase.


I agree @Eldgar, but I tried signing up with Coinbase for 2 full weeks and it kept closing my account before I could even complete the verification process. It made zero sense to me. I emailed them several times asking why and received zero reply. Quad was the only place I trusted left to go too. I will be opening an account with Scotia on Tuesday with the cash so I can fund and get started… although now, I’m thinking I should not enter as market is falling a bit… Hmmmmmm was this luck/karma/my angel over my shoulder? lol


Cool, are you planning on using interac online? If so make sure the bank is actually using it, a lot of banks have switched over to visa debit. I opened up an account with TD thinking they had it, only to find out they discontinued their interac online.


Haha, same here man, I have a 7 day withholding period on my e-transfer which has kept me from buying NEO until this upcoming week.


I have a scotia visa, but Q said no credit. so i figure i’ll go to scotia and open a plain chq account and transfer cash and then fund with interact which had the lowest fee. so, after seeing your msg above, i guess i’ll have to ask scotia if i can do that. o.O