Canadian bitcoin addicts anonymous (cbaa)


I have a feeling I’ll be in the same boat, meaning Scotia switched to Visa debit. This is pretty frustrating. I’ve been trying to fund crypto for about 4 weeks now and feel like it’s way more difficult than it should be. One month! I have to wonder why I could not sign up with Coinbase, my initial try. Pissing me off. :frowning:


it was tough for me at first to enter the market too, Not sure why coinbase gave you trouble. There should be a minimum of $150 a week without ID.

Anyway, RBC should have interac online. I think they did phone me asking me if i wanted to switch to visa.

There is also Kraken, probably cheaper crypto prices there but you would have to wire transfer which could take a week.


Yeah, Quadriga also offers wire transfer if all else fails. But, really, in this day and age of technology… lol I might as well have some savings under my mattress too! haha


Hi Guys,

Another way to enter the market w/o going through the exchange is to head to your local BTC mertups and exchange cash for BTC or use one of the intermediary services. Good luck!!


Buying BTC now is like buying land in Vancouver a few decades ago. :joy:


2014! haha and reference to uber too lol


I did something like that for Dash, it was sketchy. I sent money to some random guy’s Bank account then took a picture of a bunch of receipts. It was stressful, and the price was marked up high $170 Dash and Paid around $190 for it.


I did the same for my first BTC, when it was $1300. I had to send him a bunch of stuff to verify my identify etc. There are local meet ups that I’ve heard are pretty good and safer. Obviously you will need to wait to ensure the balance transfers into your account prior to payment.


plus CIBC was almost going to record my name to make sure I wasn’t money laundering, I didn’t like the process, glad the manager told the attendant not to bother.

Not that I am money laundering or anything, just wasn’t comfortable being on that kind of a list.


i am about to watch this live. i found this guy a few days ago - cdn from alberta. he is the one via how i found quadriga… anyway, this will also be my first live chat/youtube show. :slight_smile: lots and lots of firsts for me these past two months. just thought you might want to watch it too my fellow canadians.


well, by the time i actually figure this out, at least prices are dropping and next week will have been a better choice than past 4 weeks. :slight_smile:



So I had to drop off one of my buddies at the airport two days ago he’s on his way to Ontario pursuing his moon goal of getting a Master’s degree in Finance. He arrived yesterday and we kept talking about what a beautiful country Canada is. From Montreal to Toronto the sights have been beautiful.

PS: He’s also trying to get a place around the University of Guelph environment. Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Well I tried all day again today - week five now. I can’t fund quadriga, kraken or coinbase. They won’t respond to my inquiries as to why. I’m sooooo frustrated!!! Did your experiences involve hell?


You can buy BTC on with e-trans, but again the fees are high, I’m waiting for a good CDN exchange with reasonable fees and easy access, someone should develop it soon to meet the growing demand.cheers.


Hello fellow Canadian, where are you from? I am from Quebec City. Have you been into crypto for a while?


did you send them the correct ID for verification? If you dm me your UserID and issue youre having i can pass this on to them direct :muscle:


Can you ping me when you discover our best option :slight_smile:


Sure Angela but remember I’m old and you need to tell me how to "ping " you LOL, I bet it is really easy. cheers!


Hey Kamloops
Have visited there often & have family there. I’m a grandmother, so I’m not all that tech savvy, either.
When you post put. @Angela
That’s all you need to do


ayy youre close! If you still need help for better rates get at me :smiley: