Canadian bitcoin addicts anonymous (cbaa)


I did verification via Kraken. Accepted. Did a wire transfer via my bank (PC online banking so via phone) yesterday around 12:30 pm. To be seen if successful. :slight_smile: I’ll keep you apprised. Thanks for your query @PlatMasta. I responded. LA


Also, because I had opened a Scotia chequing account, and deposited $1100, and never used (just used my everyday acct for Kraken), the Scotia rep said he would close my acct and wipe the fees associated. Good! Useless. All new accts, via all major banks, have Visa and MC associated so Quadriga’s requirement for interact is useless. I called Interact, they are getting inquiries about this. Seems to me that Quadriga is simply steering to wire transfer and interact transfer is equivalent to clickbait. Enticing but useless.


Its actually only cards that DONT have a Visa/Debit option, so theres only 4 to choose from for using Interac Online


sooooo. what are my cdn peeps holding in their wallets these days?


I’m not Canadian but I do love me some Canadian syrup, (photo for proof) mmm mmmm. Have friends bring me back some every time they go visit family in Toronto, I’m from Phoenix Az.


Sweet!!! That thing runs in my blood, my parents own a sugar house.


Trying a few underdogs that are gaining strength, such as
:slight_smile: their app is live atm and people are pretty stoked about it… and gainz aready so far so im in :slight_smile: and a bunch more but ill have to write them down lol !


You easterners and your maple syrup. I don’t know anyone out west here that loves that stuff… I got some qtum, gnt, and my 2 duds iota and xrp! Hoping for good things from them 2


OK cool! Maybe we can get Peter & bro to build it for us as a part of their new business??


Build what my dear? A maple tree? :rofl:


Oh sorry, I was still on the topic of a better CDN exchange. Did you see their new site?
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They are building DAPPS.


hey all from Vancouver Island trying to grind these coins for the moon shot. glad i found this place…


They’re creating so much content so quickly, it’s a full time job just keeping up with their pace. :laughing:


its to much lol brain overload


I don’t know about you, but I’ve been out of school for well over 2 decades. This is definitely creating new, neuropathways!!!


same here but im part of the Nintendo generation and excited to see tech doing more for mankind, to the moon we go hopefully in my life time :slight_smile:


I couldn’t agree with you more.


Hello Fellow Canadians!

I am from Ontario! It’s cool to see some other Canadians on here. At first I was thinking am I the only one from Ontario here, however I noticed that there was someone here from Ottawa! :smiley:

I hope cryptos is overall going great for everyone.




I don’t know who you hang with; but anyone I know out here in the west loves it!


Hey, I found some fellow Vancouvrites here! I tried to use QuadrigaCX with my TD card. Only that it failed because of the Visa option. I guess i could always use the ATM but recently found out there was a bitcoin teller at Broadway and Fir Street. It was a convenient and quicker way to pay with large amount of money.