Canadian bitcoin addicts anonymous (cbaa)


How are the fees at the teller? I may consider driving down there if they’re lower than coinsquare lol


wired $ to Kraken last friday and waiting for the funds to go through… :slight_smile:


They charge a 5% fee.


I never looked before, but found out we have BTC ATMs in Quebec City… 10.5% is way too much for me.


thanks!! i will check these guys out.


@Adrian how much are you looking to trade? I’m waiting on a wire to Quadrigacx and will br buying a bunch of btc. DM


WOW! fastest wire transfer ever! I went into BlueShore Credit union yesterday at noon, initiated the wire transfer to Quadriga. Funds are in my account as of noon. Crazy fast!!

Any other Quad traders see the high prices there? The sell is currently at $4095 USD/BTC pair, while on the US exchanges it’s around $3897 wish I could arbitrage these trades.


@Nate are you taking about kraken? Cause I don’t see that fee anywhere


Yea the rates are wonky but once u get ur first time past its piece of cake! glad to hear, and perfect timing :D:D


Thanks! I’ve actually been in a for a while, I was just sending some more fiat in and this was the fastest transfer to date. Just letting people know. Little disappointed in the way BTC trades, but such is life. I think there are a few bots in play as well.


as with most the markets, but they use Bitstamp Prices but yea i think basically the first time is a pain then after that usually its smooth sailing :smiley:


you mentioned you know some people there? Can you inquire about these trading bots? thanks! and we should try to meet up in person


Realistically theres trading bots in every exchange, thats what makes low dippin easy sometimes if youre smart to em! but just on the less busy exchanges its more noticeable. mostl just to purchase and then remove to wallet rather than trade like usdt


its not Kraken. the company is BitNational. I’m sure you’ve seen their ATMs around.


I am still trying to find a decent place where to get my Bitcoins for now… Coinbase doesn’t allow me to buy more than 250$ a week, Changelly, Coinsquare and Coinmama are way too expensive. I looked at Quadrigacx, but wire transfer looks a little hard to set up. I decided to try Morrex, hope everything go smoothly.


The wire process is not too bad. Just be sure to double check everything. The money is first sent to Poland and then to Quadrigacx located here in Vancouver. Let me know if you need a hand.


@604yvr I’ll try Morrex first, but I’ll ask you if I need help. Did you set up wire transfer online with your bank?


cool! I did, it was pretty easy. I’ve done 4 of them so far. The key is to double check the wire receiver information, the addresses in Poland are very different, double and triple check.


I’ve already invested the max that I can for this year, but I’m always looking around for more options for next year. Would invest more but saving for my biz.


@604yvr I just got a phone call from my bank, they stopped my interac transfer to Morrex… I guess I’ll have to use Quadrigacx.