Canadian bitcoin addicts anonymous (cbaa)


bummer…The wire should be straight forward. Be sure to enter your account number in where it says:

Reference/Notes: ###### Treasury Account Funding


@604yvr Thanks a lot for the advises, the amount should be available in few days.


That is regular from the banks to cancel your first time, if u tell them to run through they will.


That’s the thing… I tried to send my money to a really small exchange. It didn’t officially offer Interac transfer on the website, so I had to send the money to the guy email address which is not tracked on the website. I had a bit of doubts at the end.


Oh, yea careful with things like that, if it seems like its a scam, it probably is, but u can always google websites etc


I canceled the transfer, but I’ll admit that I feel weird. Now I need to buy, not watch my money sleeping in my bank account.


@rhlll I feel the same re. sleeping in my bank account. I wire transferred to Kraken exactly last friday. Still waiting to fund for the first time. Now ppl I’m talking to keep saying Bitcoin fraud. I think those ppl just don’t get it. I do have a jr. lawyer at my firm investing too. I have not yet approached him much beyond small talk. I want my $1,100 to go through so i can move frwd. Anyone have info on this american Jamie Dimon character?? Also, anyone have comments on why/why not contribute monthly and paying $30 wire transfer fees per month (Kraken)?? This is insane fees, am I wrong?


@LCL I tried Coinsquare yesterday. I did a small transfer, and it was available in my account in less than a day (I can buy currencies, but I am not able to transfer them for 7 days). It costs me 5% fees… next time I’ll send a mail order. I wanted to try quadrigacx, some people had good experience with them. The transfer is free, but the price of cryptocurrencies is inflated (canadianbitcoin is worse).


I tried to make another Interac transfer to Morrex. It went smoothly. I was too lazy to make it to the post office to get a money order (for my defence, it’s located in a highly touristing place with no official parking spot). It costs me only 2$ for the transaction compare with 5% for Coinsquare. The guy answer super fast when I want to ask questions.


Interesting! I’ll have to look into Morrex.


Talk to as many people as u can about bitcoin :slight_smile: Building networks inside this amazing expanding ecysystem is priceless these days! The more u know!
I start conversations with random people on my elevators, taxi drivers, waitresses, sore managers, friends, cash clerks, EVERYONE i want EVERYONE to think about it. But by far the best way to get people interested… Give them some!!! It triggers their brain to care or something! LOL


I start conversations with ppl too!


Every time im out to eat i try to convince the waitress to ask the manager if i can tip in bitcoin :slight_smile: usually theyre like “wtf” but then i convince the managers to download a bitcoin wallet and set one up for them or the restaurant. Show them how easy it is to pay and include a tip. theyre usually blown away cause its clean, easy and quick! They could order their food, Pay at the time of order, and by the time theyre done eating confirmed and good to go, and any additional cost can be added on as they are ordered etc. Hell they could even initiate payment for the food at the table through the menu. Payment to address x means they make x, send to table coresponding to x qr address # once paid for. have a seperate qr for tipping and bam


Also guys, if you know any Crypto Brokers in your local area, im trying to start putting together a directory of sorts for canadians to meet up with local trusted brokers to get bitcoin OTC :slight_smile: So if you know anyone locally in your area dm :smiley:


@PlatMasta message me.


Happy thanksgiving to all the canadian peeps! Have a good one!!



I hope all you other Canadians have a good thanksgiving.
I’m vegan so we had a rice & curry dish :grin:


I’m vegan too.:grinning:


Oh wow, that’s super cool!!!