Canadian bitcoin addicts anonymous (cbaa)


Nice! I Cook and eat vegan 90% of what i eat, cause i just prefer it that way :smiley: but i had turkey on thanks giving cause i dont want the family have to make anything silly for me when they all meat eaters lol

got any good recipes ?


I cooked meat for my kids when thy were growing up, all the time. 3 boys, how could I not :slight_smile: oh & husband.
My daughter & I were the veggies.
I’ll have to think of recipes. They’re pretty boring tbh


All you BCers need to listen to this.


fuckin knew it! Cant believe its taken this long to figure this out!! They send in grandma and grampa to launder that crap no good!
Its deeper than all that, theres a larger scale to all this that has self-integrated through out most of bc. They buy up commercial land and realestate like candy, then turn it into a salon and launder the family’s money, its been going on for ages but the banks are all in on it, government officials are in on it, lol. hope they blow the whistle on all these fuckers! :slight_smile:


Wow, I just listened to this. Still in shock.


Right? It makes me wonder if similar schemes are being used in other provinces with skyrocketing RE…


Unfortunately I think it’s likely


Whoot whoot!!! It’s finally here!!! :clap::clap::clap::heart:


Yo! Finally! Great choice. Now get it safe!


Hey, hey, hey…


Vancouver area people should check out Bitcoiniacs bitcoin exchange . They have many locations that use 2 way bitcoin atms . The atms buy and sell . I use the waves coffee shop location downtown. Easiest amd quickest way to buy n sell Btc. Ethereum and Litecoin.
Been using it since 2013


IBM will be using stelar lumans as the token to move value cheaply and quickly.


What’s the fee for using it?


the fees are outrageous though



Where else ya gonna go where theres no kyc and no documentation of how much uou paid.


Well, you can go to Bylls and exchange your BTC to pay your bills or send $ to people. It’s run by Francis Pouliot the CEO of Satoshi Portal, out of Montreal, Quebec. The Satoshi Portal Inc. is a regulated Money Service Business registered with FINTRAC, Canada’s financial services regulator. Satoshi Portal’s MSB number is M16730720. Apparently they are awaiting some more coming regulations once FINTRAC comes out with it. Ben out of Calgary, with the btcsessions has an interview with Francis here:


If anyone in the Fraser Valley / Poco/ Vancouver area is looking for a pool table at all, My parents have one they are letting go for 350 but they want bitcoin or litecoin LOL!

If youre interested let me know, its a standard size its pickup only :slight_smile: Comes with lots of pool cues and all the fixins!


I’m from Canada too! I’m currently living in Mississauga and have lived in the Toronto area all my life. I got into Bitcoin 5 years ago. So all you guys buying BTC from Quadriga are probably buying my coins. I gotta tell you all it sure is nice to never have to work again or worry about money again. I sure hope that all of you will be in the same boat as me in a couple of years. Good luck to you all.


Quadriga raised their minimum to 2k for E-transfers today. :rage: