Canadian military to legalise Cannabis use?


So I just seen this post from OAF nation on instagram about this. I’m ex serving my self so obviously drew my eyes straight away.

My personal opinion is in favour of this. I actually think the military should relax on most recreational drugs, as long as it doesn’t interfere with you doing your job. I knew plenty of blokes who used to get on it on the weekend and were better than most at their job.

Some rules do come to this though,


But then I will never get to take out my dick for my country!!!


Can you smell the freedom? :evergreen_tree:


Could be a big recruitment boost.


It’s actually true. So be careful my friends.


This is extremely shocking. I didn’t realize Canada had a military.


Played their part in Afghan man,



Holy shit guys. It was purely a joke. I went to see their Air Force the other day, but their plane was out for a flight.


They were probably just too stoned to fly haha


The Berlin wall of weed Is falling very fast… Is it really a governments job to tell you what you can put in your body or is that personal responsibility? What this echoes is that if enough people just don’t give a fuck the world will finally bend towards the will of the people…


No it is not. I have said for a while now that they need to legalise most of them. It’s a lot safer for people to take things not been made in someone’s garage. I mean in the UK to can have them tested at festivals. Since this has come into play the drug related deaths and illnesses have dropped dramatically at festivals


Every couple years they’ll be something that happens that proves that the US government is running the drug trade all over the world and using the money to fund the black budget. It’s so hypocritical yet over and over and over again It’s proven to be true. For instance right now we’ve been at war longer than World War I and World War II combined in Afghanistan and there’s a lot of Heroin run out of that country. It’s known that 98% of the global supply of Heroin has been coming out of Afghanistan every year since we got there;-) The ultimate confirmation that this was all true was from Gary Webb;-)

Requiem for the Suicided: Gary Webb


This was talked about …in some circles I was privileged to be a part of 2 years ago. The plan was slow disclosure, allowing drug companies to diversify investments that they were going to lose in capitol. Mj Markets were to silently emerge and be controlled by the people who control things, like the DEA, ONDCP, and Big Business. The organic versions were to disappear, big food and pharma voted to have complete saturation of a bio-luminescent type of genetically modified mj strain, that not only identified users but would be used like pharma drugs and make people puppets… essentially… people would have the choice of losing everything if they decide to pick drugs. The time line was Canadian adoption 4Q-18,1Q-19. USA was to be drained of anonymous users, with the use of military technologies and forcing a complete financial loss for the entirety of the non-compliant users, forcing a compartmentalization of people using it for medicinal reasons, stating for protection reasons and for new limited allowances but in actuality disqualifying anyone for food-stamps or government health care. Plan was to continue demonizing it for as long as possible until the complete scope of the goal was achieved, then embrace it partially when it no longer made sense to fight it, artificially initiating an embrace of ‘the system’ and patriotism. Agenda 21 was used as a time-line for this. Late 2021 was used as a speculative date for the goal to be achieved.


Trying to be funny, but man, that’s a hard pill to swallow.

I’m glad they (may) have come out with sane policy, it’s a hard line to walk.



found this article here, lol