Candlestick Cheat Sheet


Found this on Tone Vay’s site. Seems pretty handy to go along with our B90x program.


This would be a great laminate.


This is a great resource. Thanks for posting it!


I’m trading everyday and trivial terminology itself doesn’t matter - to be frank i have no idea about half of these names.
What matters is statistical knowledge: stochastic momentum index, RSI, MACD, any kind of custom momentum tools. Learning how to set up function parameters to best suite nature of coin you are watching. You should learn math, and understand every tool and graph, not on “someone told me” level, but on conceptual. While movement is truly random, moments can be picked to give you statistical edge to hit 6/10 or 7/10 times.
Trading based on “hey this is hangman doji emoji” will not give you confidence as multiple custom oversold overbought filters which you can tailor, and track success of. :slight_smile:
Those names above will help you communicate with other traders, but will not help you pick better trade (as well as numerical indicators).


Great cheat sheet - sharing with my noob friends! Tyty :muscle::facepunch::+1:


Very cool, thanks for sharing.


That’s so darn cool.


Do we know if there’s printable versions of the charts @peter showed in a previous video? I’d like to get these all printed and laminated.


This isn’t @peter’s but it is close and in a similar fashion as the candle stick sheet above.


I lol’d very hard haha.

P.S: Thanks for the cheat sheet, I’m gonna print it :slight_smile:


Loving these infographics! Keep’m coming!
Printing them out and pasting them all over my desk


Thanks man! This is useful for sure!


You sir, have provided a very very valuable visual aid.

Credits to Tony for his work, and credit to you for sharing.

Nice, nice and twice the Spice


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This would make a great mouse pad!


Omg, what a great idea :bulb: @jenlewis


Was reminded how cool this is… via our Discord Community.



bump this. good reminder