Capitalizing on the STO trend - Alternatives to Polymath (POLY)

I read almost daily about how 2019 will be the year of STOs. It’s not a topic that really excites me, however I’m considering investing anyway in case the trend proves to be true.

The main STO platform that I’m aware of is Polymath (POLY), however the project is starting to look very questionable. The current STOs registered on the platform aren’t even accepting POLY as a funding option, which means there is almost zero incentive to hold the actual POLY token. Plus right after the ICO, the Polymath team threw a party in the Caribbean with youtube celebrities like Thai Lopez. Very shady, and not something that I want to invest in. I did some further research, and it seems the more educated investors have already liquidated their holdings. Not a good sign.

So my question is, what are some good alternative STO platforms?

Right now I’m looking into Smartlands (SLT), which is run on the Stellar network. The current market cap is around $17m, with a unit price of $3.50, however this is already up 120% in the last quarter. I don’t know much about the platform yet, as I’ve just begun my research.

Can anyone else suggest any additional STO platforms to research? @Peter_Rehm made a nice list of a few dozen project names (STO listings - NEW AREA), however I was hoping people could contribute here by listing a few of the better or more well known options with brief descriptions or feedback.



Not my opinions but this video was a bit helpful for me.


I just went to the InWara web site ( and I pulled a graphic off there that might provide some names for further research.


Of course InWara is trying to sell their services. Take names from the images above and start your research. Let us know if this is of help and how you’re doing!


FLO ( used for Tzero DLR Receipts which kinda counts)

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The two that keep popping up in my research are Dusk (DUSK) and OWN (CHX). Although Smartlands (SLT) also makes the occasional appearance, although that one seems to be primarily specific to real estate.

DUSK isn’t on exchanges yet, and CHX is up 7x over the last three months. Still has a low $9mil market cap though.

I’ll follow up with my research in a few days.


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